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Thunderbird '67: Unique in all the world
65A - Tudor Hardtop 15,567 ($4,603)
65B - Tudor Landau 37,422 ($4,704)
57B - Fordor Landau 24,967 ($4,825)

INTRODUCTION DATE: September 30, 1966
Five exclusive 1967 Thunderbird Apollos were made for retailer Abercrombie & Fitch. While not Ford factory built, these dream cars were equipped with options unheard of at the time. For more information, visit our 1967 Thunderbird Apollo page.
Did You Know We Make a 4-Door Thunderbird?

Image: 1967 Ford Thunderbird Fordor LandauFord's product planners felt a gap existed in FoMoCo's lineup. The Lincoln Continental was too formal for some, and the Ford LTD and Mercury Park Lane didn't quite offer the luxury or prestige that was expected, either. The Thunderbird had always been the platform for Ford to try new ideas and concepts, so why not try something new and different for the Bird? The timing couldn't have been better. The convertible was gone. Slow sales had taken their toll. And the Thunderbird needed something new to set it apart from its competitors. But was a 4-door sedan the way to go?

The car that eventually emerged was not just your average sedan. Sleek and sporty, the new 1967 Thunderbird sedans had the same effect on people that the first four passenger T-Birds had: you either loved them, or hated them. The Fordor Landau featured Lincoln Continental-inspired center-opening rear doors. Classic touches were found in the elegant simulated S-bars that graced the roof sail panels. A unique "cut out" section of the roof below the S-bar opened with the rear door, making entry and exit easier. The S-bars were cleverly repeated inside the car, with a courtesy light in the center. A limousine-style rear window assured the privacy of rear seat passengers, and created a small blind spot—but not as bad as one might think. And for the first time ever, no provision was made for rear fender shields.

The Thunderbird Fordor Landau was a big hit in its first year—24,967 units were built, placing it second in the Thunderbird lineup, behind the Tudor Landau. It takes its place in T-Bird history overshadowed by the fact that it appeared just as the dearly-loved convertible departed. No, it was not to blame for the convertible's demise, it merely served its purpose in providing Thunderbird buyers with another choice at a time when the personal luxury car market was becoming increasingly crowded.

We predict that the appreciation of these cars will grow significantly in the years to come, and ask that those who have not yet taken the opportunity to discover these fine automobiles do so. Inside you will find the roomiest Thunderbird to date, one that combined steel and imagination, common sense, and 4 new doors to the good life—the elegant 4-door Landau. You'll enjoy being in Thunderbird Country...where exhilaration begins at dawn!
Uniquely Thunderbird
Uniquely '67
1967 Ford Thunderbird Fordor Landau
Thunderbird Fordor Landau shown above in Wimbledon White
Beautiful new way
to make an entrance:
the 1967 Thunderbird
Fordor Landau...

4 doors to the good life!
Was the 4-door Thunderbird Ford's "Edsel of the Sixties?"

Quite possibly the 4-door Thunderbird was a car before its time. Especially when you consider that just 4 years after it was discontinued, Lincoln's designers were rushing to the drawing board in an attempt to come up with something to compete with Cadillac's new, smaller, hot selling "international sized" Seville! The result? The poorly received Lincoln Versailles, which lasted just 4 years (1977-1980).

In reality, Ford already had the answer with the 4-door Thunderbird, it was just a few years too early! What impact a 4-door Thunderbird might have had on Ford's sales in the mid to late seventies will sadly never be known, but it seems this model could have been Ford's best response to the demand for a smaller personal luxury sedan in the mid-seventies.
Thunderbird Fordor Landau optional SL Cloth and Vinyl interior trim in Parchment
1967 Thunderbird Fordor Landau SL interior shown above in Parchment Cloth and Vinyl.

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