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1962 Ford Thunderbird Convertible
Above: 1962 Thunderbird Convertible
Thunderbird - unique in all the world
63A - Hardtop 68,127 ($4,321) (Includes 63B - Landau)
63B - Landau* (Included in 63A - Hardtop figures)
76A - Convertible 8,457 ($4,788)
76B - Sports Roadster 1,427 ($5,439)

*Note: At the beginning of the production run, Ford did not separate production figures of the Landau models from the Hardtop models; nor did they separate the Sports Roadster models from the Convertibles. After production started, invoicing problems led them to create new body code numbers for both models. Factory invoices indicate 1,427 Sports Roadster models were made for the year. Unfortunately, the factory invoices for other models were not kept, so exact production figures for Landau models no longer exist. However, it has been estimated that around 10,000 Landau models were built.
INTRODUCTION DATE: October 12, 1961
Production Started: August 21, 1961
Production Ended: August 8, 1962
Sports Roadster production started on September 13, 1961, and Landau production began later to allow most of the initial 465 Sports Roadsters to be built first, for promotional reasons.

First production 1962 Sports Roadster: VIN 2Y85Z105844, built 9-13-61
Last production 1962 Sports Roadster: VIN 2Y89Z176031, built 7-26-62
1962 Ford Thunderbird Sports Roadster
1962 Ford Thunderbird Sports Roadster
The real thing:
1962 Thunderbird Sports Roadster
in Rangoon Red
How To Tell If It's a REAL Sports Roadster

The 1962 Thunderbird Sports Roadster models are among the most prized of all Thunderbirds. This has led some to create roadster clones from standard convertibles. The problems Ford had with invoices during early 1962 production create a "gray area" that has allowed some to be duped into thinking they are getting the real thing. The first Sports Roadster built was serial number 2Y85Z 105844, assembled on September 13, 1961. Between that number and date, through serial number 2Y85Z 114640, some 558 factory Sports Roadsters were built. All of these roadsters were invoiced and sold as convertibles with optional Sports Roadster Package, using Body Style Code 76A. Most of these cars were painted Rangoon Red, with Black Vinyl trim. The first Sports Roadster built, that was actually coded as a roadster, was serial number 2Y89Z 127027, built December 11, 1961, using the new Sports Roadster Body Code 76B. However, this last date is currently under question, as there may be one built earlier in the month of December. Through the rest of the model year, Sports Roadsters would be correctly coded. All Sports Roadsters left the factory with the fiberglass Tonneau Cover; red, white and blue Thunderbird emblems on both front fenders, (centered between the bumper and wheel opening, below the script); a matching emblem on the Tonneau Cover, between the seats; a color-keyed Passenger Assist Bar mounted on the padded instrument panel in front of the right passenger; and 5 Kelsey-Hayes Wire Wheels with Knock-Off Spinners. No, you could not get rear fender shields on a roadster! There wasn't enough clearance, and they were not provided. This also goes for ANY Thunderbird that left the factory with wire wheels. There are after market wire wheels, considered safer by today's standards, and they can be modified to fit cars with the fender shields in place. However, this was not done by the factory.

It seems there are more Sports Roadsters around today than there were in 1962, so before you pay top dollar for that Sports Roadster, do your homework. Make sure it's the real thing.

2Y85Z105844-2Y85Z114640: Body Style Code 76A—Invoicing shows Thunderbird Convertible with "Sports Roadster Package" listed as an option, or Convertible - Sport Roadster

2Y85Z114641-2Y89Z176031: Body Style Code 76B—Invoicing shows Thunderbird Sports Roadster

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