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Automotive Mileposts  
Exterior Paint Colors
Thunderbird hood ornament
1974 Ford Thunderbird in Cinnamon Starfire paint (code 51)
1974 Thunderbird at left in Cinnamon
Starfire (code 51) with Tan Odense
vinyl roof, and Tan Picardy Velour
interior (code FU).

1C Black
1E Silver Cloud Metallic
2G Burgundy Fire
3A Pastel Blue
3D Medium Blue Metallic
3G Dark Blue Metallic
3L Silver Blue Fire
3P Blue Starfire
4A Pastel Lime
4Y Green Starfire
5Q Dark Brown Metallic
5R Autumn Fire*
5S Medium Beige
5V Buff
6G Gold Fire
6L Medium Gold Metallic
6M Dark Olive Gold Metallic
6N Medium Ivy Yellow
9D Polar White
51 Cinnamon Starfire
52 Mahogany Starfire

A Black
B Dark Blue
D Brite Red
G Gold
P Silver
R Lime
I Brown
U Tan
W White

Colors listed in bold at left denote optional Glamour colors; these colors have a higher level of metallic particles in the paint to provide a more reflective surface.

*Although initially available as an option, Autumn Fire (code 5R), was not listed in the sales brochure dated January, 1974.  It is believed this color was discontinued at mid-year.