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Exterior Paint Colors
Image: Fleetwood Eldorado by Cadillac

Image: Cotillion White 11 Cotillion White (2058)
Image: Patina Silver Metallic 14 Patina Silver Metallic (2059)
Image: Phantom Gray Metallic 18 Phantom Gray Metallic (2060)
Image: Sable Black 19 Sable Black (9400)
Image: Corinthian Blue Metallic 24 Corinthian Blue Metallic (2164)
Condor Blue Metallic 29 Condor Blue Metallic (2167)
Adriatic Turquoise Metallic 34 Adriatic Turquoise Metallic (2168)
Image: Lanai Green Metallic 42 Lanai Green Metallic (2263)
Glenmore Green Metallic 49 Glenmore Green Metallic (2174)
Byzantine Gold Metallic 54 Byzantine Gold Metallic (2177)
Bayberry Metallic 59 Bayberry Metallic (2180)
Sauterne Metallic 64 Sautern Metallic (2184)
Dark Walnut Metallic 69 Dark Walnut Metallic (2187)
Image: San Mateo Red Metallic 74 San Mateo Red Metallic (71642)
Image: Monarch Burgundy Metallic 79 Monarch Burgundy Metallic (2191)
Image: Spartacus Blue Firemist 90 Spartacus Blue Firemist (2192)
Image: Lucerne Aqua Firemist 93 Lucerne Aqua Firemist (2193)
Image: Regency Bronze Firemist 94 Regency Bronze Firemist (2194)
Image: Cinnamon Firemist 95 Cinnamon Firemist (2195)
Image: Nottingham Green Firemist 96 Nottingham Green Firemist (2196)
Image: Briarwood Firemist 97 Briarwood Firemist (2197)
Image: Chateau Mauve Firemist 99 Chateau Mauve Firemist (2074)

Note: Colors listed above in bold denote optional Firemist metallic paint finishes. These finishes feature a higher level of metallic particles for a more shimmering appearance.
Image: 1970 Cadillac Fleetwood Eldorado
1970 Fleetwood Eldorado shown above in Patina Silver Metallic (paint code 14) with optional black vinyl roof. The 1970 Eldorado represented a bold thrust into the seventies from the new front styling to the sleek new tail lamp design that appeared for 1970...
Image: 1970 Cadillac Fleetwood Eldorado in Regency Bronze Firemist
...color shown above is Regency Bronze Firemist (94). The circular rear side marker light design was introduced in 1968, and returned for the 1973 Eldorado models.

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