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"...This is the long awaited Eldorado—as individual as the motorist for whom it was originated and a styling masterpiece that will be imitated for years..."
(Quoted from a 1967
Cadillac advertisement.)
Fleetwood Eldorado by Cadillac

Image: Sable Black 10 Sable Black (9400)
Image: Grecian White 12 Grecian White (8259)
Image: Regal Silver Metallic 16 Regal Silver Metallic (32525)
Image: Summit Gray Metallic 18 Summit Gray Metallic (32526)
Image: Venetian Blue 20 Venetian Blue (13359)
Image: Marina Blue Metallic 24 Marina Blue Metallic (13361)
Image: Admiralty Blue Metallic 26 Admiralty Blue Metallic (13002)
Image: Capri Aqua Metallic 28 Capri Aqua Metallic (43662)
Image: Pinecrest Green Metallic 30 Pinecrest Green Metallic (43663)
Image: Sherwood Green Metallic 36 Sherwood Green Metallic (43390)
Image: Persian Ivory 40 Persian Ivory (81581)
Image: Sudan Beige 42 Sudan Beige (22391)
Image: Baroque Gold Metallic 43 Baroque Gold Metallic (22814)
Image: Doeskin Metallic 44 Doeskin Metallic (22819)
Image: Flamenco Red 48 Flamenco Red (71472)
Image: Regent Maroon Metallic 49 Regent Maroon Metallic (50748)
Image: Atlantis Blue Firemist 90 Atlantis Blue Firemist (13362)
Image: Crystal Firemist 92 Crystal Firemist (73666)
Image: Tropic Green Firemist 96 Tropic Green Firemist (43500)
Image: Olympic Bronze Firemist 97 Olympic Bronze Firemist (22820)
Image: Ember Firemist 98 Ember Firemist (71542/*71613)

Note: Colors listed above in bold denote optional Firemist metallic paint finishes. These paint finishes feature a higher percentage of metallic particles, which results in a more shimmering finish.

*Use 71613 on cars with serial #117780 or higher

Photo above left illustrates Ember FIremist Metallic (paint code 98).
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Fleetwood Eldorado by Cadillac