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Cartier Tank "Must" Watch
Above: Cartier Tank "Must" Watch
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1979 Continental Mark V
Designer Edition
"...conceived for the
urban life. It has
a uniquely
sophisticated look..."

—Quoted from the 1979
Continental Mark V sales brochure
Cartier Edition 1979 Continental Mark V
Cartier Edition 1979 Continental Mark V in Light Champagne (paint code 52), with Light Champagne Landau vinyl roof (roof code YU), featuring Dark Red Landau roof molding with integral Coach Lamps. Light Champagne bodyside molding (code 37U) and color-keyed Turbine-Style Cast Aluminum Wheels are also standard on the Cartier Edition.

""Cartier Monogram in Dark Red on rear decklid
The Cartier monogram in Dark Red appears on deck lid kickup. Bodyside stripes (code D), also in Dark Red, add distinction to the body sides.

Cartier Edition

Trim Code EU:
Champagne leather seating surfaces
with Dark Red accent on seat
and door pull strap (shown at right)

Trim Code FU:
Champagne Media Velour Cloth
with Dark Red accents
(also available, not shown)
Cartier Edition Champagne Leather Seating Surfaces with Dark Red Accents interior trim
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Cartier Dash Nameplate
Cartier Edition Continental Mark V

Cost of option with specified equipment:
$1,945 with leather or velour cloth trim

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