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1976 Continental Mark IV
Emilio Pucci Designer Edition

Il primo amore non si scorda mai

1976 Pucci Edition Continental Mark IV


Years Available: Mark IV: 1976; Mark V: 1977-1979; Mark VI: 1980-1983
Introduction Date: October 3, 1975
Body Color Code: 2S - Dark Red Moondust Metallic
Paint Stripe Code: Custom Silver and Lipstick Red
Vinyl Roof Code: LP - Silver Normande Grain Custom Landau Vinyl Roof
     Red or Silver Wide Bodyside Mouldings
Interior Trim Code: JD - Dark Red Versailles Velour
     KD - Dark Red Leather and Vinyl
Price: $2,000.00 with Velour, $1,500.00 with Leather

1976 Continental Mark IV Pucci Edition Dark Red Versailles Velour interiorItalian designer Emilio Pucci creates memorable designs by putting together startling colors and patterns that are hard to forget. Unique color combinations in luxurious fabrics are Pucci's mark, and quite often, Pucci's designs are love at first site for members of society seeking haute couture. In Italy, there's a saying, Il primo amore non si scorda mai, which means "You never forget your first love." For many, the Pucci Edition Mark IV was their first love. Truly a striking design that you never forget.

The 1976 Pucci Edition Mark IV was just such a statement in color and luxury. Finished in a deep, vintage burgundy paint finish, (Dark Red Moondust Metallic - code 2S), the body sides are adorned with silver and lipstick red pinstripes and it's finished off with a Landau roof in gleaming silver vinyl. Silver wide bodyside mouldings are mounted mid-flank.

Inside the Pucci Edition, vibrant Dark Red is everywhere for the eye to behold. A choice of Versailles Velour (trim code JD) with a floating pillow look, or genuine leather and vinyl (trim code KD) were available, although very few were built with leather as it was a late year addition.

The opera windows feature the distinctive Emilio Pucci signature, and a 22-karat gold plated personalized nameplate was affixed to the instrument panel. It too carries the Pucci signature, and reserves a space for the owner's name to be engraved on it.