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Optional Equipment
1969 Continental Mark III
Leather with Vinyl Trim ($137.26)
Heritage Vinyl Roof ($136.85)*
Deluxe Head Rest (Standard after January 1, 1969)
  - Early (March-July 1968) Production ($42.75)
  - Later (August-December 1968) Production ($17)
WSW 8.55 x 15 4-Ply Rayon Tires ($56.20)
WSW 8.55 x 15 4-Ply Fiberglass Belted Tires ($196.80)
6-Way Power Front Seats (Driver and Passenger) ($166.56)
6-Way Power Front Seats (Driver and Passenger) with Reclining
 Passenger Seat ($238.70)
Remote Control Deck Lid Release ($39.79)
Air Conditioner with Manual Temperature Control ($503.90)
Air Conditioner with Automatic Temperature Control ($523.30)
AM Radio (Includes Dual Rear Speakers and
  Power Antenna)
AM/FM Stereo Radio (Includes Dual Front and Rear Speakers
  and Power Antenna)
StereoSonic Tape System/AM Radio (Includes Dual Front and
  Rear Speakers and Power Antenna)
Tinted Glass ($52.53)
Special Body Finish ($42.10)
Power Door Locks ($47.30)
Automatic Headlamp Dimmer ($51.20)
Rear Window Defogger ($26.30)
Rear Window Defroster ($85.30)
Speed Control ($94.50)
Sure-Track Brake Control System ($195.80)
Tilt Steering Wheel ($72.20)
High Torque Axle (3.00:1) ($6.53)
Directed Power Differential ($57.50)
Automatic Ride Control ($89.98)
Dual Chamber Tires ($196.80)
Marvelon Luggage Set (Researching Price)
Tape Cartridge Holder (Researching Price)
Mid-Body Moulding (Researching Price)
Remote Control Right Hand Mirror (Researching Price)
Tissue Dispenser (Researching Price)
Compass (Researching Price)
Luggage Carrier (Roof Mount) (Researching Price)
Cross Country Ride Package (No extra cost)
Special Body Finish ($42.10)

*Only 95 cars were ordered without the Heritage Vinyl Roof option.
  Automatic Headlamp Dimmer/Automatic Temperature Control/Rear Window Defogger
Automatic Headlamp Dimmer
Automatic Temperature Control
Rear Window Defogger
Sure-Track Brake Control System
Sure-Track Brake Control System
Remote Control Right Hand Mirror
Remote Control Right Hard Mirror
Accessory Mid-Body Moulding (rare)
Mid-Body Moulding

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