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This is Judy. She started her own transmission rebuilding business
a few years back, and called us to ask if she could provide a link to
Automotive Mileposts from her site. (She didn't know about this page.)

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All You Ever Wanted to Know About Classic Luxury Cars

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Thanks for asking, Judy.

From time to time, we receive requests for permission to link to our site. This is quite flattering, and we appreciate it very much. In fact, we love it! We are very honored that others want to link to To make this process easier for everyone, we are providing copies of our logos at left for you to use if you wish, as well as an HTML text link with our advertising tag line.

To copy an image, right click on image with your mouse, and select "Save as". To copy the text link and tag line, highlight the HTML with your mouse (hold down left button and drag), or click the "Select All Text" button below the box, then right click and select "Copy", then "Paste" it into your HTML. That's all there is to it!

While it's not required, if you have an automotive-related site and add our link to your site, we'd like to know. Please fill out the form at the bottom of this page to let us know that you've linked to us.

Thank you from everyone at

Please note: We cannot grant permission to all sites that might want to link to us. If your site has a subject matter of gambling, alcohol, tobacco, firearms, adult themes, hatred, demolition derbies, or anything else of a similar nature that Automotive Mileposts visitors might find offensive, we respect and understand your right to publish this type of site; please respect and understand our right to request that you do not link to us from those sites.
Note: It is not necessary to use "www." in the URL when linking to us, in fact due to our server configuration it is best not to, so please do not add it. We prohibit linking to us using any type of redirect script. See our Terms of Use for more information. Note: Our server is configured to prohibit serving images to another domain, so please save the logos to your own server or they won't display on your site.
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By the way, the girl in the photo above isn't really Judy; she's just part of the dramatization.
But she does look like she's a really nice person, doesn't she?

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