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1974 Lincoln Continental
Town Car and Town Coupé

Formal cars of elegance and distinction

Image: 1974 Lincoln Continental Town CarThe Town Car and Town Coupé were so completely equipped in standard form, one could just choose their favorite color and not order a single option to have a fully equipped luxury car.

As in the past, luxurious, soft genuine leather seating surfaces with carefully matched vinyl were provided at no additional charge. The Twin Comfort Lounge Seats could be ordered at extra cost, with a choice of leather or Victoria Velour Cloth. A total of six interior colors were available for all seating configurations and materials.

Standard amenities on the 1974 Town Car and Town Coupé include:

Power Vent Windows "" Media Velour Cloth upholstery "" Full-width front head restraints "" Long-sheared cut-pile carpeting "" Flocked nylon or perforated vinyl headlining* "" Cavalry Twill grain vinyl roof "" Glove-box vanity mirror "" Town Car or Town Coupé script on roof sail panels "" Unique keys "" Owner's initial plaques on front doors "" Color-keyed long-shear carpeting for luggage compartment and spare tire cover "" Front seat backs with assist straps and carpeted inserts "" Reading lamps in rear roof pillars "" Rosewood appliqué moldings on window sills "" Color-keyed Luxury Wheel Covers**

*Note: Headliner consists of nylon or vinyl material depending on interior upholstery choice.

**New for 1974

Image: 1974 Lincoln Town Car and Town Coupe interior trim and luggage compartment

1974 Lincoln Continental Town Car and Town Coupé Interiors


Leather Seating Surfaces
Bench Seat
Trim Code - Color

HA - Black
HE - Silver Blue
HR - Medium Green
HT - Beige
HY - Gold


Twin Comfort Lounge Seats
Leather Seating Surfaces
Trim Code - Color

KA - Black
KD - Dark Red
KE - Silver Blue
KR - Medium Green
KT - Beige
KY - Gold

Media Velour Cloth
Twin Comfort Lounge Seats
Trim Code - Color

JA - Black
JD - Dark Red
JE - Silver Blue
JR - Medium Green (shown at left)
JT - Beige
JY - Gold


Town Coupé

Bench Seat - Leather ($567.47)
Split Bench - Leather ($784.62)
Split Bench - Media Velour ($597.62)

Town Car Sedan
Bench Seat - Leather ($635.47)
Split Bench - Leather ($852.62)
Split Bench - Media Velour ($665.62)