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Image: 1973 Lincoln Continental Town Car

The Town Car was joined by a new Coupé model in 1973

After beginning life as an interior trim option for the 1969 Lincoln Continental Sedan, the Town Car interior continued to represent the ultimate interior indulgence for Lincoln customers in 1970. For Lincoln's 50th Anniversary in 1971, a Golden Anniversary Town Car was built in limited numbers to commemorate the occasion. The Town Car became a full production model in 1972, which allowed Lincoln to compete better with Cadillac by offering a more exclusive model than the "standard" Lincoln Continental Sedan and Coupé.

Sales of the exclusive Town Car in 1972 justified the addition of a Town Coupé model for 1973, for Lincoln's customers who preferred the two door body style, and wanted a more formal, traditionally-styled car, instead of the flashier Mark IV. In just a few years, the Town Car had become a successful and integral part of the Lincoln line up of fine motorcars, a role that would become even more important as the seventies evolved.

Image: 1973 Lincoln Town Car and Town Coupe standard features

Standard amenities on the Town Car and Town Coupé include:

  • Power Vent Windows
  • Victoria Velour Cloth upholstery
  • Full-width front seat head rests
  • Long-sheared cut-pile carpeting
  • Flocked nylon or perforated vinyl headlining*
  • Cavalry Twill grain vinyl roof
  • Glove-box vanity mirror
  • Town Car or Town Coupé script on roof sail panels
  • Unique keys
  • Owner's initial plaques on front doors
  • Color-keyed long-shear carpeting for luggage compartment and spare tire cover
  • Front seat backs with assist straps and carpeted inserts
  • Reading lamps in rear roof pillars
  • Rosewood appliqué moldings on upper door panels

*Note: Headliner consists of nylon or vinyl material depending on interior upholstery choice.

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1973 Lincoln Continental Town Car and Town Coupé Interiors

Image: 1973 Lincoln Continental Town Car interiorTRIM CODE/COLOR/MATERIAL

GA - Black Victoria Velour
GP - Silver Blue Victoria Velour
GT - Light Beige Victoria Velour (shown at left)
HA - Black Leather
FP - Silver Blue Leather
HT - Light Beige Leather

Note: Town Car and Town Coupé interiors were available only in a bench seat configuration. Leather interiors were optional at extra cost.