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Image: Lincoln color ribbon

1972 Lincoln Continental
Interior Trim

Image: 1972 Lincoln Continental standard interior


Bedford Knitted Tricot Cloth
Trim Code - Color

BA - Black
BB - Dark Blue (shown at left)
BD - Dark Red
BR - Dark Green
BZ - Dark Tobacco

Note: 1970 sew style illustrated; 1972 pattern was slightly different.

Three upholstery cloths were available on the 1972 Lincoln Continental. At left, the standard Bedford Knitted Tricot Cloth had an elegant look and feel to it. It was offered in five colors with a front bench seat only.

The Nottingham Woven Brocade Cloth interior design (below left) provided traditional elegance and comfort with a shimmery, silky fabric that wore well. It was available in three colors.

The third upholstery was Lamont Cloth, a lighter textured material with a soft feel that was available in two colors, and only in conjunction with the optional Twin Comfort Lounge Seats.

Image: 1972 Lincoln Continental standard interior


Nottingham Woven Brocade Cloth with Vinyl
Trim Code - Color

AA - Black
AF - Medium Ginger
AY - Light Gray Gold (shown at left)


Lamont Tricot Cloth (Twin Comfort Lounge Seats only)
Trim Code - Color

CA - Black
CY - Light Gray Gold

A longtime favorite of Lincoln Continental owners, Genuine Leather is strikingly beautiful and comfortable. Smooth, soft, and elegant like no other material. Available in 11 shades when bench seats are installed, and in 6 shades when the optional Twin Comfort Lounge Seats are specified.
Image: 1972 Lincoln Continental optional Leather interior


Leather with Vinyl (Bench Seat)
Trim Code - Color

DA - Black
DB - Dark Blue
DD - Dark Red
DF - Medium Ginger/Dark Tobacco components
DL - White/Dark Blue components
DR - Dark Green
DW - White/Black components (shown at left)
DY - Light Gray Gold
DZ - Dark Tobacco
D5 - White/Dark Green components
D9 - White/Dark Tobacco components

Leather with Vinyl (Twin Comfort Lounge Seats)
Trim Code - Color

EA - Black
EB - Dark Blue
ED - Dark Red
ER - Dark Green
EL - White/Dark Blue components
EW - White/Black components
E5 - White/Dark Green components
E9 - White/Dark Tobacco components

The leather interior option provided genuine leather hides on seating surfaces and carefully color-matched textured vinyl on other areas of the seat and interior.

Leather cost an extra $168.80 in addition to any other seating options chosen.

1972 Lincoln Continental Sedan optional Town Car interior


Leather with Vinyl
Trim Code - Color

FA - Black
FB - Dark Blue
FD - Dark Red
FF - Medium Ginger (shown at left)
FL - White/Dark Blue components
FR - Dark Green
FW - White/Black components
FY - Light Gray Gold
FZ - Dark Tobacco
F5 - White/Dark Green components
F9 - White/Dark Tobacco components

Image: 1972 Lincoln Continental Town Car interiorLamont Cloth
Trim Code - Color

GA - Black
GT - Light Beige (shown at left)

Regarding the Town Car option for 1972: On initial introduction, the Town Car package specified genuine leather for the seating areas with a unique sew style. During production, the Town Car package was modified to include a cloth upholstery with a different sew style in two colors, and at that time other features were also modified. These modifications included the addition of Town Car script on the roof sail panels and removing it from the front fenders. These changes would mostly be carried over for the 1973 model year.

Image: 1972 Lincoln Continental Cavalry Twill Vinyl Roof


Cavalry Twill Grain Vinyl

A Black
B Dark Blue)
G Dark Green
W White
Z Dark Brown (shown at left)