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Image: Lincoln color ribbon

1971 Lincoln Continental
Interior Trim

Image: 1971 Lincoln Continental standard interior


Bedford Knit Cloth
Trim Code - Color

1A - Black
1B - Dark Blue (shown at left)
1D - Dark Red
1R - Dark Green
1Z - Dark Tobacco
6A - Black (Twin Comfort Lounge Seats)

One of two standard interior choices, this Bedford Knit Cloth of durable Tricot Nylon has a silky softness and smooth texture that welcomes you inside to be seated in the lap of luxury.

Available in five colors in bench seat configuration, the optional Twin Comfort Lounge Seats option was available at extra cost, but only in black.

Image: 1971 Lincoln Continental standard interior


Nottingham Brocade with Vinyl
Trim Code - Color

AA - Black
AF - Medium Ginger
AK - Light Aqua
AP - Medium Gray (shown at right)
AY - Light Gray Gold

Standard interior luxuries included Nottingham woven brocade cloth with vinyl. Metallic yarn adds subtle sparkle and elegance in the recessed portions of this Jacquard weave. Available in five color-coordinated shades as a bench seat, it's an interior befitting the most sophisticated owner.
Image: 1971 Lincoln Continental optional Leather interior


Leather with Vinyl
Trim Code - Color

KA - Black
KB - Dark Blue
KD - Dark Red
KF - Medium Brown
KK - Light Aqua
KP - Medium Gray
KR - Dark Green
KW - White (shown at left)
KY - Light Gold
KZ - Dark Brown

Twin Comfort Lounge Seats Option:

7A - Black
7B - Dark Blue
7D - Dark Red
7R - Dark Green
7W - White

Most Continental owners traditionally selected the optional leather seating surfaces. Carefully matched extra soft cowhides were sewn in a narrow-pleat style for the most comfortable seating experience this side of a booth at the Cattlemen's Club. Available in ten colors for bench seats, and five colors with the optional Twin Comfort Lounge Seats. At $173.20, ($396.20 with Twin Comfort Lounge Seats or $456.50 with Twin Comfort Lounge Seats and Passenger Recliner), you can be certain of the maximum amount of comfort in your travels.
Image: 1971 Lincoln Continental Town Car interior


Leather with Vinyl
Trim Code - Color

?A - Black
?B - Dark Blue
?D - Dark Red
?F - Medium Ginger (shown at right)
?R - Dark Green
?W - White/Black components
?Y - Light Gray Gold
?Z - Dark Tobacco

(We are still researching trim codes for this interior. We have come across conflicting information, and will update when information is verified.)

Image: 1971 Lincoln Continental Sedan with optional vinyl roofOPTIONAL VINYL ROOF


A Black
B Dark Blue (shown at left)
G Dark Green
W White
Z Dark Brown