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1967 Lincoln Continental
Instrument Panel by Night

This is what the '67 Lincoln driver sees at night

Image: 1967 Lincoln Continental instrument panel

The first thing that catches your eye is the 120 mph speedometer, with the numerals lit with a soft green glow that's easy on the eyes. Under the numerals, you can see the markings designating the corresponding speed. A white band travels from left to right to indicate speed. At 70 mph, the white band turns red, almost as if by magic! Above the speedometer, the odometer (center left) and trip odometer (center right) are illuminated. Barely visible on the left above the green cruise, and red oil and hot lights is the Automatic Temperature Control. To its left is the headlight knob, which isn't visible. You can barely make out the steering wheel, and the chrome transmission shift lever glows in the reflection of the red alt, trunk, and belt warning lights on the lower right. Directly above them is the radio.

This is what the 1967 Lincoln Continental driver sees at night. The speed would appear as a band below the numerals, that crawls right or left to indicate the current vehicle speed. The warning lights at the bottom wouldn't normally be lit (except for the cruise light, if the optional Automatic Speed Control were set).

Everything is beautifully laid out, easy to see and reach when needed. This is the kind of thought that went into the design of the Lincoln Continental. It's just one part of the Continental life for '67.