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1966 Lincoln Continental
Optional Equipment

Manual Control Air Conditioner ($471.05)
Automatic Climate Control System ($523.55)
AM Radio with Power Antenna ($161.27)
AM/FM Signal-Seeking Radio with Power Antenna ($244.54)
Stereo-Sonic Tape System/AM Radio with Power Antenna ($244.54)
Tilt Steering Wheel ($58.74)
Automatic Headlamp Dimmer ($45.60)
Directed Power Differential ($57.50)
Automatic Speed Control ($94.77)
Exhaust and Crankcase Emission Control System ($50.00)
Individually Adjustable Front Contour Seats and Console ($281.40)
Power Door Locks ($44.85 Coupé; $68.50 Sedan and Convertible)
Six-Way Power Seat ($83.23)
Power Vent Windows ($71.64)
Tinted Glass ($53.65)
Transistorized Ignition System ($75.50)
Vinyl Covered Embassy Roof ($131.60 Coupé; $136.85 Sedan)
White Sidewall Tires ($56.20)
Emergency Flasher System ($12.80)
Trunk Open Light (standard on Convertible) ($7.44)
Remote Control Deck Lid Release ($53.40)
Door Edge Guards ($6.90 Coupé; $8.00 Sedan and Convertible)
Broadcloth Interior Trim (Sedan only) ($69.30)
Leather with Vinyl Trim (standard on Convertible) ($124.30)
Vinyl Twin Front and Rear Floor Mats ($12.83)

Image: 1966 Lincoln Continental Convertible
Image: 1966 Lincoln Continental optional equipment

Options shown above:

1. Tilt Steering Wheel—adjusts to choice of seven positions
2. Automatic Speed Control—redesigned for easier operation with warning light to remind driver it is in operation
3. Stereo-Sonic Tape System/AM Radio—includes two left speakers, front and rear, and two right speakers, front and rear, to provide true stereo sound. Power Antenna included with all radio installations.
4. Individually Adjustable Front Contour Seats and Console—upholstered in soft luster leather, each side is power operated and includes a lockable, lighted console between the seats
5. Automatic Temperature Control System—heats, cools, adjusts blower speeds to automatically maintain the set temperature. Regardless of changes to the weather outside, the interior is always comfortable.