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1965 Lincoln Continental
Optional Equipment

New transistorized ignition, upgraded AM/FM radio, and more

Image: Optional AM/FM Radio

Above: The optional AM/FM Push-Button Radio is fully transistorized, and cost $84.70 extra. This unit provides high fidelity sound reproduction through both front and rear speakers, which were standard equipment along with the AM Push Button Radio. A power antenna is also provided as part of the standard equipment package, and is adjusted by a control switch to the left of the map light.

The 1964 and 1965 Lincoln AM-FM radios look almost identical externally, but there are differences. On the 1965 radio, the push buttons are each labeled for AM and FM. The button is pulled out and rotated to change from one band to the other, as each button has an AM and an FM marking on it. Whichever is visible (facing upward) identifies the band.

Additionally, the off/on/volume knob (to the left of the dial) is attached using a set screw, instead of being pressed on. This is because the '65 radio can be tuned manually by pressing in on the volume knob for AM stations, and pulling out for FM stations. Once the desired band is chosen, rotate the tuning knob (on the right) to tune in the station. A window in the center of the dial identifies the band being listened to.

For best FM reception, the power antenna should be adjusted to a height of approximately 33 inches.


Air Conditioner ($504.50)
Individually Adjustable Contour Front Seats ($281.40)
AM-FM Push Button Radio ($84.70)
Tinted Glass (Required with Air Conditioner—$53.65)
Automatic Headlamp Dimmer ($45.60)
Vacuum-Powered Rear Deck Release (Sedan) ($53.40)
Automatic Speed Control ($96.80)
Vertically Adjustable Steering Column ($60.00)
Directed-Power Differential ($57.50)
Heavy-Duty Springs and Shock Absorbers ($28.60)
3.11:1 Rear Axle Ratio (Researching price)
Leather Trim** ($100.00)
Rear Safety Seat Belts ($24.98)
Emergency Flasher* ($12.80)
Transistorized Ignition System* ($76.00)
Spare Tire Re-location Kit* ($16.10)
Vinyl Covered Roof* (Black, White, Blue, Brown, or Ivy Gold—$104.30)
55-Ampere Alternator (Standard with Air Conditioner—$20.80)
Locking Gas Tank Cap ($3.20)
License Frames ($6.10)
Door Edge Guards* ($6.90)
Engine Coolant Heater ($15.50)
Floor Mats ($15.25)
Closed Crankcase Emission Reduction System* ($5.30)

*New optional equipment item for 1965
**Standard on Convertible
+Late introduction

Image: 1965 Lincoln Continental SedanAt right: 1965 Lincoln Continental Sedan shown in Desert Sand with standard equipment, which includes the white sidewall tires, full wheel covers, remote-control side view mirror, hood ornament, polished rocker moldings, and more.

In fact, the Lincoln Continental was the best-equipped luxury car in standard form made in America at the time. Even Cadillac's top of the line Fleetwood Sixty Special Sedan didn't include things like power door locks, white sidewall tires, radio, rear speaker, or power antenna as standard items.

Continental's list of luxury options was relatively short, but complete.

In 1966, Lincoln would rethink their strategy of pricing the Continental somewhat higher than competing brands, and would move quite a few things to the options list that had been standard in 1965, including the radio, power vent windows, power door locks, six-way power seat, and more. Most of these things were typically ordered by luxury car customers anyway, but there seemed to be a psychological difference to customers when comparing base prices.

The Continental Sedan pictured at right likely does have some options installed, however what you see in the photo is the car in its standard form, with no visible options.