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1961 Lincoln Continental
Optional Equipment

There was no extra charge for the honor of owning one

Air Conditioner ($504.60)
Six-Way Power Seat ($118.95)
Speed Control ($96.80)
Leather Upholstery (standard on Convertible—$100.00 on Sedan)
Tinted Glass ($53.65)
Directed Power Differential ($57.50)
Heavy Duty Suspension ($28.60)
Front Seat Belts ($16.80)
Walnut Instrument Panel and Door Panel Applique or Leather Grained Vinyl Instrument Panel Inserts with Brushed Aluminum Door Panel Inserts (no charge)
Outside Rearview Mirror ($5.10)
Visored Spotlight (Researching price)

Image: 1961 Lincoln Continental Convertible rear door

Above: The 1961 Lincoln Continental Convertible was the world's only production 4-door convertible at the time. Center-opening rear doors were spring-assisted, for ease of opening and closing. Entry and exit from the rear seat was graceful, no matter the attire. Courtesy light on arm rest illuminates rear seat area and ground below the door.

Rear set leg room was limited in comparison to most luxury cars of the time, due to the Continental's shorter wheelbase. It was this objection that led to a lengthening of the Continental for 1964. For many, however, rear seat space wasn't as important of a concern, and original owners of 1961 Continentals liked their cars so well, they kept them much longer than average, which was a significant sign that Lincoln's quality had been recognized, but it also meant fewer repeat sales, as people weren't trading for a new model as frequently.

Image: 1961 Lincoln Continental Sedan and Convertible

Image: 1961 Lincoln Continental Air Conditioning ControlsLeft: The Lincoln Continental air conditioning system was designed to provide 13 degree cooler passenger compartment temperatures, as verified by comparison tests at the time. Two blower motors distributed air through the centrally-located instrument panel cool air outlets to provide better air distribution throughout the passenger compartment. Even rear seat passengers were provided full control of air conditioning for their comfort.

One of the most unique features of the 1961 Continental—in addition to the center-opening rear doors and 4-door convertible body style—was the optional air conditioning outlet storage provision. Neatly folded completely out of sight in the instrument panel when not in use, a touch of a button above the outlets allows the unit to drop down to expose the outlets! Controls on the air outlet panel allow specific directional flow of air. Now that's cool. (Click the image below to see a larger version in a new window or tab.)

Image: 1961 Lincoln Continental Air Conditioner details