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1967 Imperial
Automotive Mileposts
Mobile Director option for Imperial Crown Coupe models (very rare!)
The Mobile Director $597.40
(Crown Coupe only)

At first you might think the seating area above is from a show car. It certainly could be, but it's not. The Mobile Director was a factory installed option introduced in 1967 for Imperial Crown Coupes. It came with a conference table that could be moved to three individual positions to accommodate different uses by adjusting two levers. As shown above, the walnut top serves as a table area between the front and rear seat. It may also be swiveled to a position centered in the middle of the back seat. Folded in half, the color-keyed padded surface serves as an armrest. The front passenger turnabout seat swivels 180 degrees, and features a built-in headrest. A high-intensity Tensor brand portable lamp may be attached at any of four cigarette lighter sockets for additional light, and stows conveniently in a housing under the right seat when not in use. On delivery, the new owner would find this lamp located in a box in the instrument panel cabinet. Whether used as a traveling board room, office, or an intimate roadside dining suite, The Mobile Director was offered again only in 1968, and remains one of the most unique options ever offered on an American production car.

1967 Imperial Crown Coupe
1967 Imperial Crown Coupe in Haze Green Metallic with Black Canopy Vinyl Roof

1967 Imperial Crown Coupe...the new style of travel.
A style you should discover for yourself.
Vinyl Roof ($129.70) (Standard on Crown Coupe)
488 Remote Trunk Release ($28.25)
570 Tilt-A-Scope Steering Wheel ($92.45)
Air Conditioning ($452.25) (Front only)
414 Air Conditioning ($636.15) (Front and rear units)
413 Auto-Temp Front Air Conditioner
     (Late production only) ($493.45)
473 Auto-Pilot ($94.90)
452 Electric Door Locks ($46.50) (Crown Coupe and
     Convertible only)

452 Electric Door Locks ($70.70)
521 Tinted Glass ($52.70)
424 AM Search-Tune Radio with Front and Rear
     Speakers, Power Antenna, and Floor Tuning
     Switch ($165.45)
423 AM/FM Search-Tune Radio with Front and Rear
     Speakers, Power Antenna, and Floor Tuning
     Switch ($227.75)
428 AM/FM Stereo Multiplex Radio with Power Antenna
     and up to 5 speakers (Late production only) ($294.85)
Reverberator Rear Speaker ($36.90)
408 Sure-Grip Differential ($56.35)
418 Rear Window Defogger ($26.20)
417 Rear Heater with Defroster System ($63.30)
     (Not available with Rear Air Conditioning)
Seats with Leather Upholstery ($102.25)
472 Automatic Headlight Dimmer ($45.10)
519 Safeguard Sentinel Lighting ($36.10)
533 Headrests ($52.45)
568 Shoulder Safety Harness - Front ($26.80)
567 Shoulder Safety Harness - Rear ($26.80)
556 Front Center Safety Harness ($9.20)
557 Rear Center Safety Harness ($9.20)
Cleaner Air Package ($25.00)
459 Power Vent Windows ($71.75) (Standard on

453 Six-Way Power Bench Seat ($122.35) (Imperial
     Sedan only)

454 Six-Way Power Driver's Seat ($105.50) (Standard
     on LeBaron, Crown Coupe and Crown Convertible)

455 Six-Way Power Seat - Left and Right Sides
     ($210.85) (Crown Four Door Hardtop only)
Mobile Director Package ($597.40) Crown Coupe
     only; see Mobile Director information above)

542 Door Edge Guards ($4.35) (Crown Coupe and
     Convertible only)

542 Door Edge Guards ($6.40) (LeBaron, Crown
     Four Door Hardtop, and Imperial Sedan only)

541 License Plate Frame ($5.95)
537 Outside Right Mirror ($6.75)
Broadcloth Upholstery (No charge) (LeBaron only)
Imperial instrument panel with optional Safeguard Sentinel Lighting, Automatic Headlight Dimmer, Rear Air Conditioning, and Auto-Pilot
Imperial Instrument Panel with optional Safeguard Sentinel Lighting, Automatic Headlight Dimmer, Rear Air Conditioning, and Auto-Pilot.

Driver's Door Armrest Control Console
Driver's Door Armrest Control Console provides controls for Power Windows, Window Lock, and Electric Door Locks as well as a cigarette lighter and concealed glove box under padded armrest.


Imperials built without Tinted Glass: 352
Imperials built without Air Conditioning: 864
Imperials ordered with Auto Pilot: 7,151
LeBaron and Crown Four Door Hardtops with
     Vinyl Roof: 4,550