You are probably looking at this page because you are not able to view images on the AutomotiveMileposts.com Web site.

Image linked without permission from AutomotiveMileposts.comYou might also be seeing this image (at right) or another one like it on our site, or on other sites around the Internet:

This is probably not due to an issue with this site, but is likely because of the way you have your computer settings configured.

You aren't able to view images for the following reason:

In most cases, your browser, anti-virus program, and/or firewall is not allowing a "referrer" to be sent out when you click on a link to view a page. The referrer tells the Automotive Mileposts server which URL you just came from, and which URL is requesting the image file to be loaded. Our server is currently set to prohibit images from loading unless the site asking for the image is an approved one.
Why are we doing this?

Every time a page at Automotive Mileposts is viewed, it uses server resources to send the HTML and images that appear on that particular page. Often one page can make 10-15 requests from the server. And that costs money. While we would like to be in a position to host images for everyone, it's just not realistic or logical for us to do that. This is especially true when we get nothing in return for the effort.

In the past, it has been noted that the additional load from outside, non-AutomotiveMileposts.com sources has caused performance issues within our own site, causing delays and slow loading pages for our site visitors. When you have thousands of images being loaded daily from outside sources, for instance from eBay auctions, blogs, forums, personal Web sites, etc., all together they contribute to a huge amount of bandwidth being used, for which we pay for but get nothing in return. At that point, you have to reconsider whether or not this behavior can continue. We have made the decision to put a stop to it.

How does this affect you?

If you're visiting AutomotiveMileposts.com and can't view images, you aren't getting the complete "picture," so you're missing out on a lot. We apologize for this.

On the other hand, if you've linked to one of our images (known as "hotlinking") without our permission, then quite frankly, you're getting what you deserve: a broken image link. The process of hotlinking is generally frowned upon by Web site owners as a bad thing that steals server resources from someone else for the benefit of another. Sorry, but that's just wrong.

How do I view images on Automotive Mileposts?

Without going into lengthy details, you must determine which program or setting is preventing the referrer (often misspelled as "referer") from being sent. It could be your browser, anti-virus program, firewall, or any one of numerous other programs. The settings must be changed to allow the referrer information to be sent out, or to make an exception for Automotive Mileposts as a trusted site, so that referrer information is allowed only while you are on our domain, but not when you leave our site.

It is not our intention to restrict site visitors from viewing our images.
We very much appreciate everyone who visits our site, but at the same time, we have been faced with the unhappy situation of determining how to address the negative effects of others taking advantage of our server resources. We hope you will also respect our decision to take this action, which we feel is necessary to protect our interests and provide reliable server performance for everyone when they visit us. We invite you to contact us if you have any questions or comments regarding this. Click here to contact us by E-mail.

When the appropriate settings have been changed, you will be able to view images on this site.

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