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Interior Trim
Fleetwood Eldorado by Cadillac
Medium Gold Dubonnet Cloth and Vinyl TrimWell, of course she's smiling...you would be too if you were sitting behind the wheel of your brand new 1969 Cadillac Fleetwood Eldorado!

Someone should inform her that a power seat is standard, and one touch of the control on the side of the seat would move it forward just a bit, making it easier for her to reach the pedals!

Enjoy, they're only new once!

This particular example features the standard interior upholstery in Medium Gold Dubonnet Cloth and Vinyl (trim code 444).
Dubonnet Cloth and Vinyl
Front Bench Seat with Center Armrest


Black 410
Black 411
Dark Blue 426
Aqua 429
Dark Green 431
Light Flax 442
Medium Gold 444
Cordovan 446
Dark Mauve 447
Dark Blue Dubonnet Cloth and Vinyl Trim
Dark Blue Dubonnet Cloth and Vinyl interior (426) shown above.
Cordovan Leather and Vinyl Trim
Cordovan Leather with Vinyl interior (486) shown above.
Leather with Vinyl
Front Bench Seat with Center Armrest


451 Black
466 Dark Blue
471 Dark Green
482 Light Flax
484 Antique Medium Gold
486 Cordovan
487 Dark Mauve
488 Red

Note: Eldorado upholstery sew styles may look identical at first glance, but a closer inspection reveals that a different sew pattern was utilized, depending on the material selected. The leather interiors used a wider pleat on the seating surfaces than the cloth interiors, which had a significantly narrower pleat.
Leather with Vinyl
Bucket Seats with Console

At right:
Very rare optional Bucket Seats and Console shown in Light Flax.
Leather upholstery was required when this option was specified.

(Click image for a larger view, opens in new window.)
Image: 1969 Cadillac Eldorado Bucket Seats
Image: 1969 Cadillac Eldorado with Black Vinyl Roof VINYL ROOF COLORS


J White
K Black
L Dark Blue
M Light Flax
N Dark Cordovan
R Medium Gold

Note: Notice "Halo" effect around edge of vinyl roof. New for 1969, this band of body color gave the vinyl roof more definition, especailly when contrasting paint and vinyl roof colors are used, as in the image at left. Black Vinyl Roof (code K) is shown.