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Frequently Asked Questions/Terms of Use

> Why should I participate in a Forum?

AUTOPOSTS has the distinction of being one of the few classic car forums in the old car hobby that doesn't limit you to just ONE make or model. We encourage communication about any of the cars covered on the Automotive Mileposts Web site. And, since the subject matter on the site includes the finest American cars produced during one of the most exciting periods of automotive history, including Thunderbird, Cadillac, Buick Riviera, Chrysler Imperial, Lincoln Continental, Packard, and more, the discussion should be lively and interesting! You can post a link to your site, post a photo of your car, start polls, and customize your member area to meet your specific requirements. You can subscribe to messages so E-mail notices will be sent to you whenever a topic is updated. Membership is FREE, and there's no obligation.

> I'm on a mailing list, aren't they more convenient?

Mailing lists load up your mail server and inbox with messages that you must deal with at some point in time, whether it's convenient or not. At Automotive Mileposts, we store all of the messages for you, leaving your E-mail software free to do what it was meant to do - send and receive messages from friends and family, without the worry of too many messages filling up your inbox, virus attachments, and SPAM. Consider how much time you spend each day deleting messages you don't want - this is a better deal. No viruses to worry about, no SPAM! No returning home from a trip to find hundreds of messages waiting to be reviewed and/or deleted, or your mail storage limit exceeded by your ISP. With our forum, you view messages at your leisure to catch up on what you missed while you were gone. And you only read the messages of interest to you.

> I'm only interested in one vintage car. Why would I want to read about other cars?

Why limit yourself? It's surprising how many resources you don't have access to when you do that. Even though all cars are different, other members in our group might have an excellent tip or resource that you wouldn't otherwise know about. When you compare issues between the various makes and models, it's surprising how much they really do have in common. What works for another model might work for your car as well.

Ask questions, provide answers if you have them, and learn how other cars of a similar vintage share many of the same issues. An unusual problem with a Thunderbird might have the same fix as an Imperial. It has happened!

> How else does the AUTOPOSTS Forum differ from others?

You don't have to worry about responding to a message incorrectly, only to discover later that you repeated the entire message and all of its attachments, to all members on the list. If you're not interested in a particular message, just ignore it.  At the same time, you won't be E-mailing topics of little or no interest to others. Your messages are read only by parties with a mutual interest in the subject.

The efficient built-in search function locates messages of interest to you, and saves you time.

The board calendar feature can be updated with personal and public information, so you can keep car shows and other dates at hand, and let others know about them as well, or mark personal appointments that only you can see.

> What are the restrictions of the AUTOPOSTS Forum?

There are few restrictions. If you operate a business, you may respond directly to the Forum about a car, part, or service you have as long as you currently advertise your business on the Automotive Mileposts Web site, and it must be related to the subject matter of the site. This "free" advertising is unlimited! We do ask that you use good judgement and not go overboard, however.

Offensive, slanderous, derogatory, insulting, demeaning, or lewd postings will not be tolerated. Any posts with the intent of starting a flame war, or disrupting the board are prohibited. Such postings will be removed from the Forum, and if the offense is repeated, the person making these postings will be issued up to 3 warnings, and/or restricted from further access to the board. We must all exercise respect and consideration for others.

Posting a car for sale notice by a registered, ACTIVE member is fine, as long as the price is $1,500 or less, and as long as it's only posted once and isn't repeatedly bumped to the top of the Forum, with the only intent being keeping it on top. Members deemed to have joined solely to list a car for sale will have their post removed, and may be restricted from further board privileges, including restricted access to the board.

Posting URLs to adult or potentially offensive sites are prohibited. Posting URLs to competing sites without prior Administration approval are prohibited. SPAM is not permitted at any time.

These terms and conditions are subject to change without any notice, and such changes will be provided to the membership by updating this page. You are advised to check this page from time to time to remain current on our policies.

By registering, you agree to abide by these terms and conditions.

> How do I participate?

It's very easy to become a member, and Registration is required to participate on the board. Guests may view some of the forums, although member avatars, signatures, images within threads, etc., are blocked. This is to protect the privacy of board members as well as the integrity of the community. To join, just click on any of the AUTOPOSTS Classic Car Forum links on this page. After Registering and verification by an Administrator, you can reply to threads, post messages, start a new poll, have a private conversation with other members, participate in chat, whatever you desire. That's it! It's that simple!

Last Updated: August 20, 2006
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