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Since going online in 2000, we've received thousands of messages from visitors to our site. Overwhelmingly, they have been filled with praise and nice comments. We thought we'd share a small sampling of them with you as we celebrate our fifth year on the Internet.
"OUTSTANDING!!! Thank you ever so much."

Jack K.

"Thank you so much for the information. It is wonderful that a resource like yours exists."

James H.

""I looked over your site today and found the info very interesting. I am looking forward to seeing more of your web site."

David F.
"Just wanted to drop you a note telling you how much I enjoy your site. ...It is gratifying to know there are other enthusiasts out there who have the same passion for these truly magnificent, wonderfully American creations. They were large, brash, expansive, and extravagant. Appropriate expressions of the Nation that created them. I can't help but wonder if a part of our National Character also went out of style when Detroit stopped making them."

Dan K.
"I don't so much have a suggestion as I have a statement. I've looked through your website now for over a year and it just keeps getting better! My hats off to you all for your diligent effort in keeping the information true and accurate, and too for just keeping the "Big Luxury Cars" alive. I like how you've updated the opening screen...much easier to see and follow...don't change a thing."

Mike B.
"Automotive Mileposts touched me. I can tell you really love what you write about. It is my new favorite spot on the WWW!"

Denise W.

"This is an excellent web site! ...I sure appreciate the information! Thank you very much. I have to spread the word on your web site, it is the best!"

John C.
"Keep up the good work on your excellent site, I find it very informative."

Dale L.

"You have the best Thunderbird site on the net..."

Wally E.
"You have a very informative site. You published a great article on the controversy of 1960 Thunderbirds with no back-up lights."

Alexander S.

(Note: Here's a link to the article Alexander referred to: The Mystery of the 1960 Thunderbird Back-Up Lights)
"I just found your marvelous site! My congratulations on your site and thanks for the effort going into it."

Dermott T.
"I think you have a great site."

Joe K
"I'd like to congratulate you on having a magnificent web sight dedicated to classic luxury cars, and in particular our passion, the Ford Thunderbird."

John C.
"I have found your site to be a very informative source of information on the vehicle model and years which you cover."

Dan L.
"...I really enjoy your articles, and think they are very informative."

Chris T.
"I visited your site, it's really great! I found a lot of information..."

"I can't wait until you add more information. I think your site is very well done."

Tom M.
"My wife and I are really enjoying your site. It is very informative and is helping us greatly."

James F.
"I just visited your totally cool website that celebrates luxury cars! Keep up the good work..."

Randy M.

I enjoyed touring your Web site. That's a great idea for providing American luxury car owners with helpful resources."

Bruce S.
"Very nice work. ...Great stuff! I especially like the commentary. The best car I have ever owned was a '69 Thunderbird Tudor Landau in Indian Fire with Alligator black roof. What a car! I am so sorry now that I ever sold it in the mid 70's for $800. It was beautiful. The head-on view on a '69 is like no other car out there."

Chris M.
"This is a spectacular site! ...really amazing."

Robert B.
"I really appreciate your enthusiasm and desire. On a website, it takes a great deal to produce the true essence of each automobile. ...Keep doing well on your site. It helped me..."

Malcolm D.
"Great site! I have one word to describe your site...CLASS. But if you're into personal luxury cars, you have some class. Paint Color and other decoders are also done very nice."

Steve H.

"Great site folks! I love you!"

Mike G.
"I want to congratulate you on your informative site. Personal luxury cars are the jewels in the crown of American automotive achievement, and you give them the credit they deserve as the pinnacle of four-wheeled expression. ...Thanks for a website that is a true resource to those people who walk by the Chevelles at a car show when there is a special edition Lincoln or Cadillac on the premises."

Jed C.
"I enjoyed the story of the Special Landau as I own one of these. It is equipped as the one in the story with the addition of the reclining passenger seat. I'll be visiting you again soon!"

Randy M.

(Note: Here's a link to the story Randy mentioned: The Story of A Special Landau)

"I guess the only thing to say is THANK YOU for a very informative site. As I am sure you're aware, there are not very many informative websites out there, and yours answered every question I had or almost. Keep up the good work."

Vince S.
"Once in a while an avid web surfer like myself gets a nice surprise. There are plenty of sites out there on all subjects, including cars, that are loaded with erroneous information, and look like they were written by semi-literates...I call them 'half-wit pages.' But not this one. I consider myself to be a rather authoritative individual when it comes to vintage cars, and I couldn't find one single piece of incorrect info here."

Roger C.

All of us at Automotive Mileposts would like to thank all of you for your kind words.
Comments like this truly make it all worthwhile!
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