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Basic car tool requirements for a restoration project or keeping your daily driver on the road

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Here for your perusal is a list of basic tools everyone should have on hand before undertaking the restoration of a classic car. Each restoration project is unique, and no two cars are exactly alike when it comes to repairs needed. However, we have found over the years there are certain things a restorer must have in their tool box. More than likely, at some point all will be required, and nothing is more frustrating than waiting until you need something to find it and buy it.

The cost of tools can add up, but we recommend you buy the best so they'll last and not require replacement like less expensive tools can. Spread your purchases out and watch for sales and special deals that offer savings.

Since this list will likely grow over time, check back every once in a while. When you make purchases through the links on this site, we are compensated for your purchases, which allows us to continue developing the site so others can fulfill their dream of owning their perfect classic car. There's only one way to stop wanting one! Thanks for your continued support.


Basic Tool Set
Battery Charger
Battery Tender
Car Creeper
Circuit Tester
Hydraulic Jack
Jack Stands
Manual Oil Pressure Gauge
Oil Change Drain Pan
Oil Filter Wrench
Portable Work Light
Steering Wheel Puller
Vinyl Disposable Gloves

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