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"You can tell if it's a Cartier Edition by the clock on the instrument panel. If it says 'Cartier' on it, it's the Cartier Edition..." Right? Wrong!
There are a lot of Cartier Edition Continentals around. In fact, all of the Mark IV and Mark V cars built during the seventies have the Cartier Chronometer. The exception to this rule being early production 1969 Continental Mark III cars [link opens in new window] which have a standard clock in them. However, the fact that the clock bears the famous Cartier name alone does NOT make it a Cartier Edition. In fact, there wasn't a Cartier Edition Mark at all until 1976.

All Lincolns featured the Cartier clock beginning in 1975, including the Coupes and Sedans.

So, here's what to look for:

1. The Cartier Edition was always identified by a specific combination of exterior paint, vinyl roof, pinstripe color, interior trim, and equipment. If all of these items are not present, the car is not a Cartier.

2. The Cartier signature appears in the Opera Window.

3. A 22-karat Gold plaque is mounted on the instrument panel that identifies the car as a Cartier Edition. This plaque was originally provided for the original owner to engrave his or her name on it, so it's possible subsequent owners may have altered or removed it.

The 1976-1979 Cartier Edition Marks are pictured on this page. Uninformed individuals may unwittingly try to pass off a Mark or Lincoln as a Cartier Edition, but now you'll know better.

That's why we're here...

Automotive Mileposts is all you ever wanted to know about the Cartier Editions.

Your assignment, should you decide to accept it, is to go forth and inform the world that there's more to a Cartier Edition than a clock in the dash...
The Cartier Chronometers
1969-1971 Mark III Cartier Clock
Late 1969-1971 Mark III Cartier Chronometer
1972-1976 Mark IV Cartier Clock
1972-1976 Mark IV Cartier Chronometer
1977-1979 Mark V Cartier Clock
1977-1979 Mark V Cartier Chronometer
The Cartier Editions
1976 Cartier Edition Continental Mark IV
1976 Dove Grey Exterior and Interior color; red and white pinstriping. See 1976 Continental Mark IV Cartier Designer Edition page.
1977 Cartier Edition Continental Mark V
1977 Dove Grey exterior and interior color; fine red pinstriping. See the 1977 Continental Mark V Exterior Paint and 1977 Continental Mark V Interior Trim pages for additional details.
1978 Cartier Edition Continental Mark V1978 Light Champagne exterior and interior color; Dark Red pinstriping and interior highlights. See 1978 1978 Continental Mark V Exterior Paint and 1978 Continental Mark V Interior Trim pages.
1979 Cartier Edition Continental Mark V1979 Light Champagne exterior and interior color; highlighted by Dark Red exterior and interior accents. See 1979 Continental Mark V Cartier Edition page for additional details.
Automotive Mileposts
All You Ever Wanted to Know About the Lincoln Continental Cartier Clock