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1977 Cadillac Seville
Standard Equipment

5.7 Litre V-8 Engine (350 CID)
Electronic Fuel Injection
High Energy Ignition
Freedom Battery
Turbo Hydra-Matic Transmission
Variable Ratio Power Steering
Four-Wheel Power Disc Brakes*
Automatic Parking Brake Release
Automatic Climate Control
AM/FM Signal-Seeking Stereo Radio with Scanner and Power Antenna
Fuel Monitor System
Automatic Level Control
Power Windows
Power Door Locks
50/50 Front Seats
Individual Front Fold-Down Armrests
Six-Way Power Seat Adjuster for Driver
Two-Way Power Seat Adjuster for Passenger
Front Passenger Manual Seatback Recliner
Cornering Lights
Tuxedo Grain Padded Vinyl Roof or Metal Roof*
Steel-Belted, Wide-Whitewall Radial Tires
Tilt and Telescope Steering Wheel
Controlled Cycle Wiper System with Washer Fluid Low-Level Indicator
Lamp Monitors
Remote Control Left- and Right-Side Rearview Mirror
Remote Control Trunk Lock Release
One-Piece Deep Pile Carpeting
Carpeted Rear Shelf
Individual Rear Seat Reading Lamps
Color-Keyed Litter Container
Quartz Digital Clock
Soft Ray Glass
Accent Paint Striping
Assist Straps on Back of Front Seats
Overhead Assist Straps
Pull-Type Handle on Each Door
Dome Courtesy and Reading Lamp
Cigar Lighters
Space-Age Instrument Panel

80-Amp. Generator
Dual Mode Horn
Inside Hood Lock Release
Stowaway Spare Tire
Color-Coordinated Tire Cover, Trunk Carpeting, and Deck Lid
Automatic Storing of Safety Belts
Bumper Impact Strips
Contoured Windshield Header
Safety Armrests
Safety Steering Wheel
Cargo Guard
Contoured Roof Inner Panel
Pressure Lock Radiator Cap
Stamped Steel Door Hinges
Side Marker Lights and Reflectors
Four-Way Hazard Warning Flasher
Backup Lights
Three-Speed Wipers
Windshield Washer
Dual Master Cylinder Brake System with Warning Light
Starter Safety System
Dual Action Safety Hood Latches
Headlamp Aiming Access Provision
Safety Wheel Rims
Uniform Shift Quadrant
Front Disc Brake Audible Wear Indicators
Illumination of Instrument Panel Controls
Pressure Relief Gas Cap
Anti-Theft Ignition Key Reminder Buzzer
Anti-Theft Steering Column Lock
Anti-Theft Key System (Separate Key for Ignition Only; Door, Glove Compartment, and Trunk on Another Key)
Inside Hood Latch Release
Visible Vehicle Identification
Tamper-Resistant Odometer with Telltale Feature

*New standard feature for 1977

1977 Cadillac Seville standard equipment features shown below:
(A) AM/FM Signal-Seeking Stereo Radio, Power Antenna, Remote Control Right-Side Rearview Mirror, and Quartz Digital Clock
(B) Stand-up Cadillac Wreath and Crest Hood Ornament
(C) Individual Rear Seat Reading Lamps and Power Windows
(D) Bumper Impact Strips and Wrap-Around Taillights
(E) Side Marker Lights for safe nighttime driving
(F) Rectangular Headlamps, Amber Front Parking and Signal Lights, and Cornering Lights
(G) Color-Coordinated Spare Tire Cover and Trunk Carpeting, including Trunk Lid
(H) Automatic Climate Control, Controlled Cycle Wipers, and Tilt and Telescope Steering Wheel
(I) Matching Metal Roof (shown) or Tuxedo Grain Padded Vinyl Roof in 16 colors, either are standard; and Accent Paint Stripe

Image: 1977 Cadillac Seville standard features