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1976 Cadillac
Optional Equipment

Image: 1976 Cadillac Optional Equipment and Accessories

V4U Fleetwood Talisman Edition ($1,813)
V4S Fleetwood Brougham d'Elegance Edition ($885)
V4T DeVille d'Elegance Edition ($650)
DX4 Accent Stripes* (Calais and DeVille models; standard with d'Elegance option—$42)
CO9 Padded Vinyl Roof ($163)
Padded Vinyl Roof (Fleetwood Seventy-Five models—$819)
CO4 H Coupe deVille Cabriolet Roof ($329)
Expanded Sierra Grain Vinyl Upholstery (Calais models only—$47)
YL1 Shirred Sierra Grain Leather Upholstery (Not available on Calais models—$220 early; $235 late)
Magnan Ribbed Knit Upholstery* (DeVille models only; standard with DeVille d'Elegance Edition—$220)
BH1 Deluxe Lap Robe and Pillow (Medici Crushed Velour—$90)
Y27 F Carpeted Front and Rear Floor Mats (Fleetwood Brougham—$38; Calais and DeVille models—$38 early; $47 late)
Carpeted Front Floor Mats (Limousine—$26)
B36 I Trunk Mat ($10)

KF3 AC Electronic Fuel Injection (Not available on Limousine—$647)
UR1 AS Fuel Monitor System ($26)
AR3 AR Air Cushion Restraint System (Not available on Limousine—$340)
JL9 AH Track Master ($263)
N37 Q Tilt and Telescope Steering Wheel ($102)
K30 C Cruise Control ($104)
C49 N Rear Window Defogger (Grid-type—$77)
CD4 K Controlled Cycle Windshield Wipers ($28)
T80 U Guide-Matic Automatic Headlamp Dimmer ($54)
T82 J Twilight Sentinel ($47)
D64 G Lighted Vanity Mirror (Fleetwood models—$44; DeVille and Calais models—$60)
C97 Z Illuminated Entry System ($52)
C93 O Opera Lamps ($58)
D65 AD Outside Thermometer ($25)
DF3 E Remote Control Right Mirror ($30)
UN2 2 AM/FM Signal-Seeking Stereo Radio (Standard on Fleetwood Brougham—$147)
UM2 1 AM/FM Stereo Radio with Tape Player and Power Antenna (Fleetwood Brougham—$93; all others—$239)
U67 4 AM/FM Signal-Seeking Stereo Radio with Rear Control (Fleetwood Seventy-Five models—$275)
UN1 5 AM/FM Signal-Seeking Stereo Radio with Weather Band and Power Antenna* (Fleetwood Brougham—$61; all others—$209)
Power Sunroof (with full vinyl roof—$701)
Power Sunroof (with painted metal roof—$800)
Power Sunroof (with Coupe deVille Cabriolet Roof—$1,104)
CF5 M Glass Dome Astroroof (with full vinyl roof—$885)
Glass Dome Astroroof (with painted metal roof—$985)
Glass Dome Astroroof (with Coupe deVille Cabriolet Roof—$1,288)
A42 Y Six-Way Power Front Seat (Calais—$131)
Six-Way Power Front Seat (Limousine—$98)
AM6 P Dual Comfort 50-50 Divided Front Seat ($185)
Dual Comfort 60/40 Divided Front Seat (DeVille models only—$123)
AG2 V Passenger's Six-Way Power Seat Adjuster ($131)
A70 W Passenger's Power Recliner 60/40 Dual Comfort Seat* (Six-Way Power Adjuster required—$221) (or A81 A4 for 50/50 Seat; 60.40 Seat on DeVilles only)
A79 A3 Recliner Seat, Driver* (Manual adjustment;not available on Calais or Limousine—$65)
UB8 AG Trumpet Horn ($19)
UA6 AM Theft-Deterrent System ($114)
A90 T Remote Control Trunk Lock Release ($68)
Special Paint ($200)
YL2 Firemist Paint ($146)
Special Firemist Paint ($250)
V4W AJ Turbine-Vaned Wheel Covers (Standard on Fleetwood Brougham—$45)
N95 AX Wire Wheel Discs* (DeVille or Fleetwood d'Elegance or Fleetwood Talisman—$122; all others—$167)
d'Elegance and Talisman—$45)
V50 AE License Frame ($7)
V51 AF License Frames (Front and rear—$14)
VK3 X License Plate Front Mounting Bracket (No charge)
B93 D Door Edge Guards (2-Door models—$7; 4-Door models—$11)
K97 AV 80 Amp Generator ($45)
VJ9 AN California Emission System (Mandatory for California delivery—$50)
VO1 AO Heavy Duty Cooling System ($40)
G67 L Automatic Level Control (Standard on Fleetwood models—$82)
G80 AP Controlled Differential ($61)
YM7 AK Trailer Towing Package ($85)
G90 AT Performance Axle ($43)
LT5 AU High Altitude Package ($22)
AU4 AW Automatic Door Locks* ($100)
N84 Spare Tire Deletion (Per window sticker: "SPARE TIRE WILL BE FURNISHED TO DEALER WHEN AVAILABLE")

*Denotes an option available for the first time on the 1976 Cadillacs.

Image: 1976 Cadillac Sedan deVilles

Two couples out for dinner at one of the area's nicer restaurants. Each arrived in style in their 1976 Cadillac Sedan deVille. In the foreground, the Sedan deVille in Chesterfield Brown with Ivory vinyl roof; and in the background, a Claret Sedan deVille with White vinyl roof.