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1975 Cadillac
Optional Equipment

Image: 1975 Cadillac optional equipment and accessories

V4U - Fleetwood Talisman Edition ($1,788)
V4S - Fleetwood Brougham d'Elegance Edition ($784)
V4T - DeVille d'Elegance Edition ($350)
AC - Electronic Fuel Injection* ($600)
AS - Fuel Monitor System* ($23)
Air Cushion Restraint System (Not available on Limousine—$300)
Track Master ($250)
N37 Q - Tilt and Telescope Steering Wheel ($98)
K30 C - Cruise Control ($100)
C49 N - Rear Window Defogger (Grid-type—$73)
C04K - Controlled Cycle Windshield Wipers ($27 early; $26 late)
T80 U - Guide-Matic Automatic Headlamp Dimmer ($52)
T82 J - Twilight Sentinel ($45)
D64 G - Lighted Vanity Mirror ($44 early; $43 late)
C97 Z - Illuminated Entry System* ($49 early; $50 late)
C93 O - Opera Lamps ($56)
D55 AD - Outside Thermometer ($16 early; $17 late)
DF3 E - Remote Control Right Mirror ($27 early; $29 late)
AM/FM Signal-Seeking Stereo Radio (Standard on Fleetwood Brougham—$147)
UM2 1 - AM/FM Stereo Radio with Tape Player and Power Antenna ($229; $89 Fleetwood Brougham)
AM/FM Signal-Seeking Stereo Radio with Rear Control (Fleetwood Seventy-Five models—$275)
Padded Vinyl Roof ($159)
Padded Vinyl Roof (Fleetwood Seventy-Five models—$745)
Coupe deVille Cabriolet Roof ($236)
Power Sunroof (Vinyl Roof required except with Cabriolet Roof—$668)
Power Sunroof (with Coupe deVille Cabriolet Roof—$760)
Glass Dome Astroroof* ($843)
Glass Dome Astroroof* (with Coupe deVille Cabriolet Roof—$985)
Automatic Level Control (Standard on Fleetwood models—$84)

Six-Way Power Front Seat (Calais models only—$126)
AV7 WA - Dual Comfort 50-50 Divided Front Seat ($185 early; $175 late)
AG2 V - Passenger's Six-Way Power Seat Adjuster ($125)
Recliner Seat* (Six-Way Power Adjuster required—$188)
UB8 AG - Trumpet Horn ($17)
Theft-Deterrent System ($90)
A90 T - Remote Control Trunk Lock Release ($64 early; $65 late)
Special Paint ($174)
YL2 - Firemist Paint ($138 early; $129 late)
Special Firemist Paint ($200)
Wide-Stripe Whitewall Tires* (1.6-inch stripe—$63)
AQ - Stowaway Spare Tire (No charge)
Turbine-Vaned Wheel Covers (Standard on Fleetwood Brougham d'Elegance and Talisman—$45)
License Frames ($7 each)
VK3 X - License Mounting Bracket (No charge)
D - Door Edge Guards (2-Door models—$7; 4-Door models—$11)
Y27 F - Carpeted Front and Rear Floor Mats ($34 early; $42 late)
Carpeted Front Floor Mats (Limousine—$18)
B36 I - Trunk Mat ($9 early; $10 late)
Expanded Sierra Grain Vinyl Upholstery (Calais models only—$47)
YL1 - Shirred Sierra Grain Leather Upholstery (Not available on Calais models—$220 early; $212 late)
Manhattan Crushed Velour Upholstery* (DeVille models only; standard with DeVille d'Elegance Edition—$220)
Deluxe Lap Robe and Pillow (Medici Crushed Velour—$90)
80 Amp Generator ($45)
AN - California Emission System (Mandatory for California delivery—$50)
Heavy Duty Cooling System ($40)
Controlled Differential ($60)
Trailer Towing Package ($85)

*Denotes an option available for the first time on the 1975 Cadillacs.

Image: 1975 Cadillac Coupe deVille