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1973 Cadillac
Standard Equipment

Image: 1973 Cadillac standard equipment images

1973 Cadillac Standard Equipment shown at right:

Improved Front and Rear Bumper Systems, front side cornering lights and rear back-up lights

Rosewood Vinyl Corner Panels in DeVille and Fleetwood models

"Soft-pillow" door panels with assist straps and series-specific escutcheons

Single center door seam and padded vinyl roof for Fleetwood Brougham models

Front passenger reading light on Fleetwood Brougham

Litter container

Cadillac instrument panel with standard electric clock with Roman numerals, map light, Flow-Thru ventilation, remote control left-side mirror, power windows, and more

472 CID 4V V-8 Engine
Turbo Hydra-Matic Transmission
Variable-Ratio Power Steering (Except Fixed Ratio on Seventy-Five models)
Dual Power Brakes with Front Discs
L78-15 Bias-Belted, Fiberglass Black Sidewall Tires
Power Windows
Heater and Defroster
Flow-Thru Ventilation System
Automatic Climate Control (Seventy-Five models only)
Center Front and Rear Armrests (Front only on Calais models; rear only on Fleetwood Limousine)
Ashtrays and Cigarette Lighters, Two Front and Two Rear (Except Calais models, with just rear ashtrays; and Seventy-Five models, which have four rear ashtrays)
Automatic Level Control (Fleetwood models only)
Electric Clock with Roman Numerals*
Two-Way Power Front Seat Adjustment (Except Calais models)
Dual Backup Lights
Cornering Lights
Front and Rear Side Marker Lights
"Soft-Pillow" Door Panels*
Assist Straps
Rosewood Vinyl Corner Panels* (Except Calais models)
Carpeted Rear Footrests (Fleetwood Brougham)

*Denotes a new standard feature for the 1973 Cadillacs.
Note: Lamp Monitors were listed as standard equipment in 1972, but were moved to the 1973 Cadillac Optional Equipment list.

Rear Compartment Lights
Automatic Door Courtesy Lights
Door Panel Safety Warning Lights (Reflectors only on Calais models)
Glove Box Light
Map Light
Luggage Compartment Light
Rear Seat Reading Lights (Fleetwood Brougham)
Front Passenger Reading Light* (Fleetwood Brougham)
Outside Remote Control Mirror
Remote Control Right Mirror (Seventy-Five models only)
Visor Vanity Mirror, Right Side
Concealed Windshield Washer and Three Speed Wipers
Mist Control Wipers
Potomac Cord or Magi Matelasse Cloth Upholstery (Seventy-Five models)
Dual Comfort Front Seat (Fleetwood Brougham)
Magi Matelasse Cloth Upholstery (Fleetwood models)
Medallion or Mirabelle Cloth Upholstery (DeVille models)
Mayfair Cloth Upholstery (Calais models; also used in 1972)
Padded Vinyl Top (Fleetwood models)
Anti-Theft Ignition Key Warning Buzzer
Inside Day-Night Mirror
Front Seat Heat Restraints
Full Cadillac Wheel Discs* (new design for 1973)
Rear Fender Skirts
Chrome Mid-Body Molding
Improved Impact-Absorbing Front and Rear Bumper Systems*
Integrated Front Bumper Guards with Impact Strips
Front and Rear Bumper Impact Strips

Image: 1973 Cadillac Calais Coupe