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1969 Cadillac Optional Equipment


1- AM-FM Stereo Radio with Two Front and Two Rear Speakers and Power Antenna (N/A Seventy-Five models) ($288.40)
2 - AM-FM Radio with Front and Rear Speakers and Power Antenna ($188.40)
5 - Dual Comfort Front Seat (Standard on Brougham; available on Coupe deVille, Sedan deVille, DeVille Convertible, and Fleetwood Sixty Special) ($105.45)
AG - Trumpet Horn ($16)
B - Rear Window Defogger ($26.35)
C - Cruise Control ($94.75)
D - Two Door Edge Guards ($5.30)
D - Four Door Edge Guards ($8)
E - Soft Ray Tinted Glass ($52.65)
F1 - Twin Front and Rear Floor Mats (N/A on Seventy-Five models) ($17)
F1 - Twin Front Floor Mats (Seventy-Five models only) ($10)
G - Controlled Differential ($52.65)
J - Twilight Sentinel ($32)
K - Automatic Climate Control ($515.75)
L - License Frame ($6.30)
L - Two License Frames ($12.60)
M - Power Door Locks (Includes Automatic Seat Back Release on Calais Coupe, Coupe deVille, and DeVille Convertible) ($68.40)
M - Power Door Locks (Seventy-Five models) ($116)
Q - Tilt and Telescope Steering Wheel ($94.75)
R - Front Head Restraints (before January 1, 1969) ($17.90)
S - Remote Control Trunk Release ($52.65)
U - Guide-Matic Headlamp Control ($51)
V - Six-Way Power Seat Adjuster:
......DeVille models, Brougham, and Sixty Special models for Right Hand Dual Comfort Seat ($115.60)
W - Whitewall Tires (Except Seventy-Five models) ($56.85 exchange)
W - Whitewall Tires (Seventy-Five models only) ($63 exchange)
X - Five Fiberglass Belted Whitewall Tires ($93.70)
Y - Six-Way Power Seat Adjuster:
......Calais models ($116)
......DeVille models, Sixty Special Sedan, and Seventy-Five Sedan with Bench Seat only ($89.50)
+Bucket Seats with Console (Leather upholstery required) ($184)
++Four-Way Power Left-Hand Bucket Seat ($53)
Automatic Level Control (Standard on all Fleetwood models) ($79)
AM Radio with Front and Rear Speakers and Power Antenna ($162)
AM Radio with Rear Control (Seventy-Five models only) ($242)
Vinyl Roof (DeVille models) ($152.65)
Vinyl Padded Roof (Seventy-Five models; SPO-Special Production Option) ($758)
Vinyl Padded Roof with Chrome Landau Bows (Seventy-Five models; SPO-Special Production Option) ($2,026)
Expanded Vinyl Upholstery (Calais models only) ($42)
Leather Upholstery (N/A on Calais or Seventy-Five models) ($138)
Firemist Paint ($132)
*Electric-Powered Sunroof (Vinyl Roof required, Six-Way Seat recommended) ($626)
Front Seat Warmer (Rear Seat only on Seventy-Five models) ($95)

*Introduced during late production—Fleetwood Brougham, Sedan deVille, and Coupe deVille only
+Coupe deVille and DeVille Convertible by special order only
++With optional Bucket Seats only

Image: 1969 Cadillac Dual Comfort Seat

LEFT: The Dual Comfort Front Seat was standard on the Fleetwood Brougham, and available at extra cost on Fleetwood Sixty Special, Sedan deVille, Coupe deVille, and DeVille Convertible for $105.

The Right Hand Six-Way Power Adjuster was $116 for the Fleetwood Brougham, Sixty Special, and the DeVille models when equipped with a Left Hard Six-Way Power Seat (a separate $90 option).

Note the new high-back seat with canted upper section to provide additional comfort and support on long trips.

Image: 1969 Cadillac instrument panel options

ABOVE: 1. Rear Window Defogger $26.35
2. Front Seat Heater $95
3. Guide-Matic Headlamp Control $51
4. Twilight Sentinel $32
5. Automatic Climate Control $515.75

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Image: 1969 Cadillac Power Door Locks

RIGHT: Cadillac's optional Power Door Locks included an Automatic Seat Back Release on 2-door models and cost $68.40 except on Seventy-Five models, where they were priced at $116. Controls were provided in both front door armrests and on right rear door on Seventy-Five models.