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Classic Car Restoration and
Auto Detailing Repair Kits

These money-saving kits help you repair or detail your classic car or your daily driver

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Aluminum Polishing Kit

This Aluminum Polishing Kit is designed to polish any type of aluminum, including Billet aluminum rims and accessories on cars, trucks, or motorcycles.

Designed for use with any standard or battery powered electric drill, your 13 piece kit includes: 4oz. Bars of Black Emery, Brown Tripoli, and White Diamond polishing compounds; (1) Mounted Tapered Buff; (1) Mounted Mushroom Buff Wheel; (2) Mounted Spiral Sewn Buff Wheels; (1) Mounted Loose Cotton Buff Wheel; (5) assorted felt cones; instructions on how to achieve beautiful results, and a compound chart.

Stainless Steel Polishing Kit

This Stainless Steel Polishing Kit is just perfect for polishing all types of stainless steel, including various parts and trim on classic cars.

Designed to be used with any standard or battery powered electric drill, your kit includes: 4oz. Bars of Black Emery, Brown Tripoli, and Green Stainless polishing compounds; (1) Mounted Tapered Buff; (1) Mounted Mushroom Buff Wheel; (1) Mounted Cylinder Buff; (2) Mounted Spiral Sewn Buffing Wheels; (1) Mounted Loose Cotton Buffing Wheel; (5) assorted felt cones; detailed instructions and compound chart.

Deluxe Polishing and Buffing Kit

The Deluxe Polishing and Buffing Kit from Eastwood is designed for steel, stainless, aluminum, and plastic automotive components. Use your electric drill or pneumatic die grinder with the supplied 1/4" arbors for polishing jobs on or off the vehicle.

Includes 4 ounce tubes of Tripoli, White Rouge, Jewelers Rouge, and Plastic Compound, plus with an assortment of tapered, cylinder, spiral, and wheel buffs for tight spots as well as open surfaces likes valve covers or air cleaners.

From polishing aluminum engine parts to restoring a brilliant shine to stainless steel, these compounds yield superior results. More is not always better, these compounds contain less filler and more abrasive than other compounds on the market, so they cut faster. Packed in easy-to-handle tear- down dispenser tubes, clearly labeled for easy identification, each compound is made from the highest-quality binders and abrasive materials available.

Plastic Repair Kit

This Plastex Plastic Repair Kit makes strong, permanent repairs to almost any hard plastic, and many other materials. It's safe, easy, and it cures in minutes!

Mix the powder and solvent to repair cracks, fill gaps, "weld" panels, or fix stripped threads.

The kit includes a reuseable "molding bar" that allows you to replicate and attach broken tabs, patch holes, or even make small parts! Plastex can be used on ABS, poly-carbonate, acrylic, styrol, PVC, FRP (polyester), glass, metal, and wood (it won't adhere to polypropylene or polyethylene). 3 colors are included with the kit: Black for structural repairs, White, and Clear.

Now, you can repair the problem plastics like TPO, TEO, and PP like the professionals! This kit contains everything you need: 80 watt iron, special tip for easy spreading and shaping of the FiberFlex welding rod, stainless steel wire mesh creates repairs that are often stronger than the original part. Use the stainless steel wire brush to keep build-up from forming on the tip. The FiberFlex welding rods eliminate the need to identify the plastic.

Includes: 80 Watt Iron, (1) flat welding tip, welder stand, stainless steel wire mesh; 20 pieces of 9" assorted material rods (rods are @ 1/8" T x 1/2" W x 12" L). MADE IN USA.

Clear Plastic and Headlight Restoration Kit

With this Clear Plastic and Headlight Restoration Kit, you can now remove hazing and scratches from headlights, plastic lenses, boat windows and bimini tops, acrylic skylights, motorcycle windshields, aquariums, Jeep and convertible acrylic windows, and more yourself, and save a ton of money! Less likely to remove lettering and other cast-in details that you might want to leave visible than typical buffing wheels.

This kit includes about 2 ounces of Polishing Compound with 1/4" Mandrel, 3" Blue Foam Pad, 3" Hook-Faced Backing Pad, 3" Felt Pad, and instructions.

Glass Polishing Kit

This Glass Polishing Kit can be used to clear off years of wiper haze from your windshield and save hundreds of dollars in replacement costs. Ideal for hard-to-find windshields on older cars.

There are two different kits available. To determine which one you need, try this test: Run your fingernail over the damaged area on your windshield. If your nail doesn't catch this kit will work. If your nail does catch, try the Glass Polishing Kit for Deep Scratches.

To use, just mark the damaged area, mix the special Glass Polishing Compound with water, attach polishing buff to your drill or low speed 1,500 rpm polisher, and start polishing! Kit includes: 1/4 adapter, 1 lb. Glass Polishing Compound, and a 2 7/8" x 1" Thick Buffing Wheel.

Steering Wheel Restoration Kit

Do it yourself and save a ton of money! Repair plastic and hard rubber steering wheels yourself. The ravages of time and UV light conspire to deplete your steering wheel of its elastomers. This results in cracks that can be repaired with this money saving kit.

Use this Master Steering Wheel Restoration Kit with 1 lb. of PC-7 Epoxy (52047), an aerosol can of PRE Painting Prep (10041Z), an aerosol can of Adhesion Promotor (52366Z), instructions, and a copy of the Steering Wheel Restoration Book (52017) to repair cracked steering wheels and ready them for the color top coat.

The SEM Vinyl Dyes work great to give your repaired steering wheel the correct color and sheen.

Upholstery Pliers Kit with Hog Rings

Are you ready to replace your seat covers? This Master Upholstery Installation Kit from Eastwood includes both Bent Nose and Straight Hog Ring Pliers along with a pack of 300 Hog Rings, everything needed to intall those new reproduction seat covers.

Designed for seat hog ring installation, the solid forged steel, grooved jaw pliers hold and close the hog rings securely. Imported.