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What is it?

Classic Car Auction Watch is a Web-based mail group of members with an interest in parts for vintage luxury cars of the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s. The group is powered by Yahoo! Groups, and membership is restricted.

To participate, you must open an account with Yahoo! Groups, if you don't already have one. Once your account is open with Yahoo, you can apply for membership at Auction Watch. Approval is normally granted within 24 hours. Your Yahoo account can be customized to your personal mail settings to receive messages as they are posted, on an individual basis, or you can elect to get everything once a day in digest format. If you want to reduce the overall number of E-Mails you receive, the digest format would be your best option. If more than 25 messages are posted in a 24 hour period, two digests will be sent out that day.

For safety and security, attachments are not permitted and will be removed by Yahoo when messages are sent. This prevents viruses from spreading through the group.
How to join

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Classic Car Auction Watch at Yahoo! Groups is a great way to make sure you don't miss that rare part you need!

You can also help your fellow enthusiasts by alerting them to auctions they might otherwise miss.

If you're placing parts on auction, you can also post them here to bring more attention to your auction!
The benefits

Group members will have the benefit of additional eyes checking online auctions. You can spend literally hours by yourself surfing through all of the various auction listings. To keep up with them, you must do this frequently. Sometimes you just can't keep up with it all, and miss out on important auctions.

You might spot a listing that you aren't interested in, but you know it is a rare item, and might be of value to someone else on the list. So, just post the auction to the list in case someone else needs the item.

Many of the Internet mailing lists for vintage cars prohibit the listing of auction items to the list. Classic Car Auction Watch provides a place for you to post these items, so others interested in them may bid.

Your own auctions

If you have parts you're listing, you're also welcome to post them to the list after they're online. This will allow you to notify a targeted audience about your auctions.

It's important that the items be listed online first, before they are sent out to the list. Online auctions offer a degree of protection to buyers, which person-to-person selling does not. We'd like to believe that everyone is honest and trustworthy, but unfortunately, that's not the case in today's world.

This requirement also prevents spamming of the mailing list.
The subject line

This is very important since some of the list members might not be interested in a particular auction. The owner of a 1966 Lincoln Continental, for instance, might not be interested in that cool NOS part for a 1964 Thunderbird, or 1962 Imperial.

If you clearly indicate in the subject line the year and model, as well as the item description, it allows people not interested in that particular car or item to delete the message without reading it.

If the list becomes popular, we can always split it up for the various models, to reduce the number of E-Mails going out.

Examples of
wrong subject lines:

NOS Power window switch
NOS Thunderbird power window switch

Example of
correct subject line:

1968 Thunderbird NOS Power window switch

The first (wrong) subject line doesn't tell anyone what car it's for; the second (wrong) subject line doesn't tell anyone what year the part is for.

The correct subject line identifies exactly what year, model of car, and exactly what the part is.

Be sure to include a link to the auction in the body of your message as well!
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Which cars are included?

Any vintage luxury car of the 1950s-1970s era. Check the Automotive Mileposts Main Contents page for an idea of which cars are included in Auction Watch.

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