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Image: 1968 Lincoln Continental Coupe

Styling refinements gave the 1968 Lincoln Continental a fresh, new look and allowed them to comply with new Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. New combination wrap-around front turn indicators and side marker lights rested in the forward edge of the front fenders, and a similar treatment appeared in back for the tail lamps and rear side markers. Back-up lights were concealed behind a grille in the rear bumper.

A new 460 CID V-8 engine replaced the 463 CID V-8 engine mid-year, and a new deluxe wheel plate option was made available this year, the first wheel cover option offered on a Lincoln in many years.

1968 Lincoln Continental trivia: As mentioned previously, safety standards for 1968 required side marker lights that operated whenever the parking or headlights were on. Lincoln Continentals featured tail lamps mounted in the upper rearmost section of the quarter panels that could be seen from the side to serve as marker lights as well as from the rear. Most '68 Lincoln tail lamps were adorned with thin horizontal chrome trim, but cars destined for Pennsylvania had to be equipped with special trim bezels without the horizontal chrome that ran across the lens! For whatever reason, Pennsylvania wouldn't allow the chrome trim on the tail lamps.

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1968 Lincoln Continental

(Except 1968 Continental Mark III*)
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1968 Lincoln Continental Information

*The 1969 Continental Mark IIIs were introduced in April, 1968 as 1969 models. We are including them here as 1968 models due to the confusion created by the early introduction date.