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Image: 1975 Chrysler Imperial LeBaron Crown Coupe

1975 Chrysler Imperial LeBaron Crown Coupe

The 1975 Imperial was the end of the line—at least for a few years. Chrysler Corporation's most elegant and distinctive car, the Imperial never quite caught on with the general public, and sales were slow compared to the competition. One wonders why this wasn't a good thing. In the prestige luxury market, rarity and exclusivity are benefits. In this market, one doesn't want to see a carbon copy pull up next to you, right?

The plush pillowed interior featured in these cars is very likely the most luxurious to ever find its way into a motorcar, regardless of vintage or make. The Imperial's 1975 styling would be continued with the 1976 Chrysler New Yorker, and it would continue on in that form until 1978, becoming the very last traditional full size American-built luxury car from Chrysler, but the aura of the magical Imperial name would not go forward with it.

The final Imperial was a black LeBaron four door hardtop, serial number YM43-T5C-182947. It was built on June 12, 1975.

Unknown to many at the time, the Imperial would return in a few years as a two door coupe, but it too was doomed to slow sales and would not be around for long.

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1975 (Chrysler) IMPERIAL

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