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Image: 1957 Imperial Four Door Southampton

1957 would be Imperial's finest sales year, and its striking new styling sent other automotive designers rushing back to their drawing boards.

When the 1957 Imperial appeared on the scene, it created a sensation. Suddenly, other luxury cars looked so "fifties" in comparison. Sleekly designed with soaring tail fins, the Imperial was completely new for 1957.

Chrysler offered a dual headlight option on the Imperial for 1957. The ad copy said this new feature was to "permit easier control of light patterns—one set for city and both sets for country driving." The Imperial catalog includes illustrations of cars with both the single and dual headlights. It was a no charge option on Crown and LeBaron models, and extra cost on Imperial.

A glamorous new Convertible joined the line for the first time, and sales were setting new records. This would not last, however, as quality issues in 1957 put a damper on sales for the line in 1958, along with a troubled economy. 1957 would go down in history as Imperial's best sales year ever. The 1957 models that still survive today hold a special place in Chrysler collector circles.

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1957 (Chrysler) IMPERIAL

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Image: 1964 Rotunda NOS Compass
Above: 1964 Rotunda NOS Compass (C4AZ-19A548-B)

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