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The 1967 Mercury Cougar was an instant success, and was Motor Trend Magazine's "Car Of the Year" for 1967! The Cougar combined the trim size and sporty bucket seats of the popular Ford Mustang with unique features such as concealed headlamps and sequential rear turn signals from the elegant and trend-setting Ford Thunderbird into one car. People at Cougar preview shows overguessed the base price by $1,000!

A more luxurious XR-7 model was introduced mid-year and featured leather upholstery and more upscale appointments, and a $325.85 GT Performance Package included a 335 horsepower 390 V-8 engine, stiffer springs, bigger shocks, a fatter anti-roll bar, power front disc brakes, 8.95x14 Wide Oval tires, low restriction exhaust system, and special GT identification.

Rare 1967 Cougars to look for include approximately 200 factory Power Sunroof-equipped cars. The 1967 Cougar is elegance...untamed!

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1967 Mercury Cougar

Includes XR-7 and Dan Gurney Special
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