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Here's what's new:

1. General layout of page will remain the same, with an updated look.

2. The right-left scrolling requirement to see additional search results has been eliminated.

3. Pages will be longer in length, but easier to use since most people are used to scrolling up and down, but not side to side.

4. Once the pages have been transitioned to the new format, we will be adding additional search terms to help pinpoint better exactly what you're looking for.

5. We will be adding new auction pages for all the cars eventually planned for Automotive Mileposts, so all of them have a presence on the site.

6. These changes were recommended by our test group, who preferred this arrangement over several different layouts that were submitted to them for testing. They felt they were comfortable with the original layout, and liked the links located on the right side of the page, as they were easy to get to.

7. We have already started the roll out, and will do it in sections to eliminate any confusion from moving between old pages and new pages. For instance, car years with similar parts will all be updated at the same time, so you won't have the first model year in the new format, the second in the old format, then the third model year in the new format. All three years will change over at the same time.

(Your main auction search results will still appear here)

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(Links to other years with similar parts will be located here)
Here are a few sample links to pages already updated:

1955 Ford Thunderbird
1956 Ford Thunderbird
1957 Ford Thunderbird
1965 Chrysler 300

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Additional search results—alternate spelling, abbreviations, etc.

(Any additional auction search results will be listed here, in a single column to eliminate the side scrolling)

We hope you like the changes, and will soon feel comfortable with them. Thank you for your patience over the last (almost) two years, and we very much appreciate your continued patience as we continue to complete this roll out.

We are continuing to work with our test group on a few new ideas, and will let you know in the coming months about any further improvements to this section of the site.