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Image: 1964 Cadillac Coupe deVilleThe most popular model in Cadillac's 1964 line up was the Four-Window Sedan deVille, a title this model would retain in Cadillac's line for many years to come. Factory installed air conditioning was ordered in 75 percent of all 1964 Cadillacs, and cost $474 extra on standard models and $624 on the big Seventy-Five models.

All Cadillacs received a new engine this year, the most powerful ever. It provided more power per pound of engine weight than any other production engine in the world.

A modest styling update included hiding the front turn signals behind the grille in the area below the headlamps. A horizontal center divider was painted the same color as the car, and split the grille in half. It had a "V" shape, horizontally and vertically. The rear bumper was also in a "V" shape vertically, and its chrome ends capped the rear quarter panels.

During the 1964 production run, Cadillac Division built its three millionth car, with a production record of 165,959 cars.

At left: 1964 Cadillac Coupe deVille

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1964 Cadillac

Includes Fleetwood Eldorado
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