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Are messages or ads popping up either immediately or sometime later, after you click? When clicking on any of the auction links we provide, you should only see the auction search pages at Automotive Mileposts, or the actual auction itself at eBay. Only one new window should open - nothing else!
Automotive Mileposts and eBay are not responsible for any pop ups or pop unders you might be seeing while visiting our site. You might have spyware installed on your computer that's causing this. Do not click on them - close them and get rid of the program causing them!

Additional information/removal (these are free downloads):
Microsoft Windows Defender
Lavasoft (Ad-Aware)
Spybot S&D

(A new window will open when you click on the links above.)
Spybot S&D was highly rated by both PC World and PC Magazine, we have used both at Automotive Mileposts and have been happy with their performance.

Why is this happening?

There are applications on the Internet that can download themselves without your permission or knowledge, depending on your computer's security settings. Just visiting a dishonest site is all it takes if your computer isn't set for high security. Sometimes, these applications are bundled with other things you do want, and you have to take the whole package. These applications can cause computer problems, and can activate pop up windows based on the content of the page you're viewing. Some report your activity to the company that distributed the software, including the keys you touch on your keyboard. This can include credit card numbers, passwords, and E-Mail addresses.

You should never see anything other than the auction search pages at Automotive Mileposts, or the actual auction at eBay when using the links we provide. If you are seeing multiple windows opening, or anything else, they're likely being generated by a program from within your computer, not by Automotive Mileposts or eBay.
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