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Imperial NOS

Imperial Switch NOS

Mopar NOS


Autolite NOS

Continental Mark III NOS

Continental Mark IV NOS

Continental Mark V NOS


Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury NOS Molding Retainers, Trim Clips, Nuts, Fasteners, etc.

Lincoln Continental 1961-1963 NOS

Lincoln Continental 1964-1965 NOS

Lincoln Continental 1966-1969 NOS

Lincoln Convertible Parts (New, Used, and Repro)

Lincoln Versailles NOS

Motorcraft NOS

Rotunda NOS

Shelby NOS

Thunderbird Convertible Parts

Thunderbird NOS

Thunderbird Speed Control NOS and Used

""General Motors

Buick Riviera NOS

Buick Wildcat NOS

Cadillac Eldorado NOS

Cadillac Seville NOS

Delco NOS

Delco Radio NOS

Delco Switch NOS

Delco Switch NOS (Cadillac only)

Guide-Matic, Guidematic, and Autronic Eye

Oldsmobile Starfire NOS

Oldsmobile Toronado NOS


Packard NOS

Part Number Searches


No searches at this time


Continental Mark III Part Numbers 1969-1971

Continental Mark IV Part Numbers 1972-1976

Continental Mark V Part Numbers 1977-1979

Lincoln Continental Part Numbers 1961-1963

Lincoln Continental Part Numbers 1964-1965

Lincoln Continental Part Numbers 1966-1969

Thunderbird Part Numbers 1955-1957

Thunderbird Part Numbers 1958-1960

Thunderbird Part Numbers 1961-1963

Thunderbird Part Numbers 1964-1966 (see Top Seller listings below)

Thunderbird Part Numbers 1967-1971

Thunderbird Part Numbers 1972-1976

Thunderbird Part Numbers 1977-1979

""General Motors

No searches at this time

What is this and how does it work?

Automotive Mileposts researches seller listings on eBay for rare, new, and used classic car parts, part numbers, accessories, NOS (new old stock) parts, NORS (new old replacement stock) parts, and other things of a similar nature related to classic cars on eBay. We look for unusual search terms that you and others might not think of using in your quest for parts and accessories for your classic car. Then we eliminate many of the listings that aren't really relevant to your particular search, but would come up anyway due to a particular word, phrase, or number being included by the seller somewhere in that listing. You won't see most of the listings that aren't relevant to your search, as we filter them out, returning just the best results for that particular search term, phrase, or keyword. Despite this, sometimes a listing that isn't applicable may appear anyway, and this is due to the way the seller listed it. Since our objective is to show you the most items that are relevant to your search, we have to allow things through from time to time that might be questionable.

Intentional search "errors" can be expected...

You will notice a few searches that are misspelled or have wrong punctuation, and this is intentional. Normally, we will let you know that the search with incorrect spelling or punctuation is intentional, and this is based on verified auctions of interest to collector car enthusiasts that list parts with these errors. Common examples of this are "Cadilac" instead of the correct "Cadillac" and "Thunder bird" instead of "Thunderbird". Items listed in this manner are excluded from normal searches when correct spelling and punctuation are used, but we often find great parts listed in this manner, so we include them.

We provide searches for part numbers, and unusual terms that have been proven in the past to return good results for parts that are in demand, and often have no bids because people aren't finding them. Sometimes there may be no results returned, but thousands of new listings appear daily, so check again frequently, as you may be the very first to see a rare NOS Buy It Now part that so many would buy...if they only knew where to look to find it!

We will continue to expand these search terms in the coming days and weeks, digging deep to help you find the things you really need for your classic car.

Nothing shows up in the search results. What's the deal?

Due to the rarity of some NOS parts, it's not unusual for a search to return zero results from time to time. When this happens, a search box will appear with the search terms already filled out in the box. Click to search at eBay, where you may get different results. If not, check back at a later date, as thousands of new items are listed daily.

Why do the searches on not match the same searches on eBay?

You may notice that our search pages do not always match the same search terms on eBay, even if you open a new window and compare the two at the same time. This is due to the filtering we provide, and the fact that our search function at eBay doesn't work exactly the same as a search performed on the eBay site itself. Please understand that this is the desired result, and does not represent an error.

By filtering some searches, we eliminate auction listings that aren't relevant to the search. In an attempt to get as much exposure as possible, some sellers add words to their auctions to make the item show up in more searches than it really should, including some where it isn't really expected and doesn't really "fit" the term(s) being searched for.

Bid to win, and thank you for visiting!

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