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Does our site look empty?
Are you seeing lots of blank space on sites when surfing the Net?

Ad Blockers Block More Than Ads!
If some sites look strange when you view them,
the cause is probably your computer and not the site!

If you notice a lot of blank space on the Web sites you visit, paragraphs or sentences of text that don't seem to make sense, like they're missing something, or if you often encounter links that don't work, or take you to blank pages, it probably isn't the fault of the sites you're visiting. It could be the software on your computer that's causing this to happen! If you use Norton Internet Security, it has an Ad Blocking feature. This eliminates all of the ads you would normally see on the sites you visit. While this might sound like a good thing at first, it will ultimately create problems for you if you enjoy surfing the Internet.

The great thing about the Internet is that most of what's on it is FREE! Free to the people doing the surfing, at least. To the people who own the sites you visit, there are costs involved. Paying for the domain, hosting, etc., can add up fast. In order to help defer these costs, many sites run advertising or partner with merchants to promote them for a commission on sales. By removing the ads, Norton removes the ability of your favorite sites to earn a living. This prevents the site from offsetting some of its costs, and leaves you with an incomplete experience when you visit these sites.

That's why more and more sites are beginning to charge for access, or only offer partial access to the site for free. To view other parts of the site, or read an entire article, you have to pay for access. This disturbing trend will continue to occur, and the Internet we know today could be vastly different tomorrow. Looking at ads and supporting the merchants who help your favorite sites pay the bills is a small price to pay for all you receive in return from those sites.

Consider this: What does Norton give you for free? Their software comes with a free trial period, after which you must pay them if you expect to continue receiving the latest virus updates. Don't allow Norton to control what you see and do on the Internet! Turn off your Ad Blocker now and support your favorite sites. If you don't like the ads, or where they're placed, take the time to write to the site and let your feelings be known. There might be a compromise that works well for everyone.

You'll never see a pop-up or pop-under type ad generated by Automotive Mileposts, as we don't care for them because they usually require visitors to close them to get rid of them, but we do depend on other types of advertising to pay the bills. We still have so much to publish, we'd hate to be put in the position of either charging to view it or shutting the site down completely. Other sites are in the same position we are. Please support your favorite sites by buying online, which today is very safe and secure with data encryption. You will avoid the delays and 1-800 number hassles when you buy online, and you'll be doing your part to keep the Internet free and growing for all to enjoy for years to come!

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